List of 7 Best Expense Tracking Apps for your Business

Running a business requires a lot of money, time and effort. If you want to earn maximum profits and enhance your productivity, then you need to track your expenses, revenues, purchases and profits on a regular basis.

However, it becomes quite laborious to frequently manage the financial statements of your business. For this, you need to spend a lot of money to professionals who are expert in managing all sorts of finances.

Luckily, there are various awe-inspiring mobile applications that can help you track your expenses and receipts with ease. With these applications, you can manage your budget and also boost up your productivity.

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In this blog post, we will explore the list of 7 most popular expense tracking apps for your business.

1. ExpensifyExpensify

  • Expensify is a free iphone application that allows users to keep a record of their business expenses, tracking time or mileage.
  • It provides easy receipt capture that can be synchronized with your credit cards so that it can easily fetch your expenses.
  • It enables you to scan any of your receipt and then create an expense report instantly.

2. Mileage Log+Mileage Log+

  • Mileage Log+ is an incredible iOS application for those who need to track mileage for tax reduction or reimbursement.
  • Developed for tracking gas mileage.
  • It comes with mileage log and IRS rate for reimbursement.
  • This app can store, classify, filter and search trips with ease.
  • It also offers predictive text fields and data entry shortcuts.

3. BizXpense TrackerBizXpense Tracker

  • It is an amazing iphone application used for tracking expenses, time and mileage.
  • It comes with several templates that allow you to create alluring PDF reports with ease.
  • Personalize categories and sub-categories that easily create expense reports.
  • BizXpense Tracker app’s template renders all the vital information required by your accountant.

4. ShoeboxedShoeboxed

  • Shoeboxed is an iphone and Android based application used to track business expenses, receipts and mileage.
  • In case you are pressed for time, then you can mail an envelope containing receipts to the company and they will enter the receipts for you, and then send you an itemized list of your expenses.

5. Concur MobileConcur Mobile

  • Concur Mobile is an awesome mobile application that allows you to manage your travel and business expenses with ease.
  • This app is developed for both iPhone and Android mobile platforms.
  • With this, you can track expenses made on travels and approve travel spending for your employees.
  • Integrated with your credit cards and automatically import charges.

6. inDineroinDinero

  • It is a free iPhone application that enables you to track expenses of your business and also monitor your business’s cash flow.
  • inDinero app is synchronized with your credit card and bank account.
  • It offers real-time financial dashboard that is integrated with credit cards and bank account.

7. Smart ReceiptsSmart Receipts

  • Smart Receipts is developed for Android-based mobile phone that allows you to track business expenses and receipts to generate reports that you can utilize to  email as a PDF and CSS file format.
  • PDF files reports are accessible and readable
  • It comes with both free and paid versions.


Mobile application developed for tracking business expenses is incredible if you want to manage your organization revenues.

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