Facebook Messenger’s New Feature: Now Shop Online Using Chatbots

step0001Facebook Messenger has recently introduced its new feature that will allow users to shop online using their chatbots. Now they don’t need to leave the Facebook messenger app to complete the payment against the purchase of a product.

With over one billion of active users, Messenger has become the center of attraction for all the banking industries. Reputed companies from the banking sector are affiliating with the Messenger’s new feature. The application will associate with the majority of payment options, such as MasterCard, Braintree, Visa, PayPal, American Express, and Stripe.

With the update of the new share option, users can share these chatbots among their friends. You can even save their payments details using the messenger app. This will not only reduce the time between finding a product and buying it but also allows visitors to make the payments as quick as possible, without any distraction.

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The main aim of this roll out is to allow users to pay without leaving applications or pages. According to the official blogpost, Facebook has informed that companies have built more than 300 bots for Messenger and the social network collaboration has over 34,000 developers working to increase the number of bots.

Now we all need to see how the Messenger application will leave its benchmark in the eCommerce sector with this new feature.

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