DesignEvo Review: Make Professional Logos Online in Minutes

If you are familiar with the internet, you may know that there are a lot of tools that can help you do many things without any cost. People love free stuff, especially the useful, free and convenient stuff. Here, I’ll introduce a useful and handy tool for you named DesignEvo and I believe that it will help some of you a lot.

DesignEvo is an online logo maker that is born to help people who need logos without a budget. We all know that the logo is indispensable for business in modern life, but it is hard for small business and startups to hire a designer to get an effective logo. Now, everything about logo designs will become simple with DesignEvo logo maker. DesignEvo offers you 3,000+ brilliant templates, millions of icons, stylish fonts, various shapes and powerful editing tools to help users make logos easily. Besides, all of the resources are free to use.

As a newbie, how can you make a logo in a few minutes?

Example Ad #2

First, select a preferred template or icon.

There are a lot of template categories for you to select on the front page, and you can search the type you want with a keyword. Feel free to choose the one that attracts you a lot, which fits your needs as well. Then you can customize it freely because all of the templates are fully customizable. You can change its layout, background, size, color, element and so on. Meanwhile, you can also start from choosing a right vector icon as well. You don’t need to think much because you can imitate the templates or you can just try to combine and check if it is suitable. Practice makes perfect.

Second, decorate the logo with 100+ fonts and various shapes.

There are professionally designed shapes to help you beautify your logo, including badge, line, banner and so on. Put them in the right place and your logo will be better. What’s more, as an effective and useful logo, the company name and slogan seem to be important. Choose a proper font and add some words to the logo. Thus, the logo is complete.

Finally, final check and download.

Preview the logo you’ve just finished. Click the [preview] button and you’ll see your logo on a business card, on a book cover, on a wall, etc. Make sure it can meet your needs. Otherwise, get back and adjust something necessary. When you finished everything, please download the logo and let it speak for your brand. Maybe you’ll be proud of it, not only because it is brilliant but also because it is created by you, a newbie.

Final words

The life is full of challenges and surprises. There is a chance for you to get logos easily and it’s time to grasp it and use it. Come to work with DesignEvo, and you’ll get benefit from it.

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