Data Recovery Tool for SanDisk Pen Drives and SD Cards

Did you experience the issue where you lost all the relevant data from SD Cards or SanDisk Pen Drives but you could not recover files from pen drive or SD Cards?

Now a day, many PCs are affected by the viruses when the Pen Drive plugged in PC. And it is not essential that virus can be removed with the use of Antivirus software. Antivirus software may easily detect the virus but sometimes not able to vanish it. Shortcut Virus is one of the most frustrating viruses. When pen drive affected by this kind of virus, each data turned into shortcut and after that people will not be able to open it. In such case, if it opens, then it will surely affect the PC and instantly virus gets spread into it.

Data Disappeared

If you think about where you’re all data diapered, actual data exists in the pen drive. But keep in mind; do not try to format immediately as you cannot find data after formatting. Fortunately, the data is still hidden in the device; we have to unhide the entire data. Several folks copy their important data on the USB flash drive.

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The information technology world includes very essential users’ data. To transfer important documents, PPT, videos, photos, files from one computer to another, users prefer Pen Drive. But what will be happened when you format the data of pen drive because of inaccessibility of data loss? In such cases, you will face data loss from pen drive.SandiskSanDisk Pen Drive Recovery Tool is an amazing solution to save the need of partitioned data recovery, deleted or formatted from Pen Drive. The app provides data recovery without any hassles. This recovery tool supports all pen drive’s sizes and it is working on all Windows OS. Additionally, it can get data from many types of error like

  • 0 byte error message
  • Write protection error message
  • Pen drive even after formatted
  • Virus infected sandisk pen drive

Several circumstances occur which make pen drive data affected and users have to format the device. Once person format it, they fully lost their relevant data. The application is particularly designed in order to cope up with the probability of even the novice people to information technology industry. Moreover, it can restore data from both FAT 32 and NTFS disk volume formatted pen drive.

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