Why EaseUS Software is Your Best Bet For Data Recovery

Often times you hear that when you mistakenly delete a file from your computer, it goes to the recycle bin but when you delete a file from external memory like the external hard disk, flash stick, or SD card, it is gone forever. Well, the good news is that it could have been true before but it is no longer true.

EaseUS recovery software does wonders in SD card recovery. It will recover all the deleted files on your SD Card in minutes. Furthermore, the free software recovers files from other devices too. Whether it is a digital camera, a tablet, a smartphone, an external hard disc, or any other storage device, EaseUS data recovery wizard will recover all the files very easily.

As effective as it is, the application is also very easy to use. All it takes is just three steps and you will be smiling at your recovered files. You only need to launch the application, scan your SD card or the location where the file was deleted from and recover the deleted files. The best part is that it will recover all the deleted files and give you a chance to select the ones you want to restore.

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Another quality that distinguishes EaseUS from others is its versatility. It can recover every kind of file. It can recover PDF files, documents, MP4, MP3, GIF, Jpeg, rtf, and all other files. In fact, it has the ability to recover more than 1,000 types of files. Even though its premium version costs a token, it offers a free version which is enough for a lot of people.

You don’t have to lose a file before you install the application because no matter how careful you are, you will face the issue of lost file sooner or later. Loss of data is almost inevitable because it comes through many ways. You can mistakenly delete your file, your hard disk may crash, your OS may crash, there could be a failure in OS upgrade, and you could lose your file through virus attack.

The software already has more than 72 million users and still counting. The number of users is a big indication that it is highly effective. Besides, the software supports up to 17 other international languages apart from English. You can get it in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin (Chinese), German, and several other languages.

With the free version of EaseUS, you can recover up to 2GB of lost files. It supports both Windows and Mac data recovery as there is a separate version for each of the operating systems. The application offers two scanning modes – Quick scan and deep scan.

As effective as it is, you only need 32MB memory space to install it. EaseUS data recovery wizard will not take much of your space. You also need at least 128 MB RAM to run it. So, if you are in dire need of SD Card recovery, look no further than EaseUS data recovery wizard.

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