MIUI v/s CyanoGenMod – A Custom ROM Comparison

When it comes to deciding on the modification of your device software, there are many aspects to be  considered. Android devices offer a variety functions to its users, so obviously it becomes the first in the alternatives under evaluation and on the other hand is Xiaomi’s MIUI which has also started attracting the users.qMIUI OS from Xiaomi user’s customization to make Android users more delighted, at least that’s what they officially say. And then you have CyanoGenMod, it is an OS which has an open source code meant for smartphones and other devices that run on Android.

They claim that come from MIUI and CyanoGenMod are worthy to be tested and analyzed. We are here to do the same for you.


It’s an enhanced open source OS meant for smartphones and tablet computers. In the first glance the features that CyanoGenMod offers are ones that are not available on the devices as shipped from the production facility. It’s totally free and has an open source code. With CyanoGenMod you can easily customize your  profiles, apply system wide themes, play with the screen calibration, advanced gesture recognition and all this in an Android experience.

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CyanoGenMod comes in various versions which are four in number, namely – CyanoGenMod 10, 10.1, 10.2 and CyanoGenMod 11. The further variants have been named Stable, Release candidate, M series and Nightlies.

Few of the features that attract users to CyanoGenMod are

  • Security
  • Customization Offered
  • Low memory usage
  • Open Source
  • Stable

CyanoGenMod offers many features like a large access point name list, FLAC audio codec, native theming support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB support and interface enhancement.

However, it is not known to support any spyware meant for performance enhancement in contrast to official firmware releases.


It’s a customized ROM from Xiaomi. The user interface of MIUI and iOS shares a lot of similarities. It offers theme customization where even the lock screen can be changed along with colorful and attractive menu options and icons. The pinning of important messages like the way we do in  the iOS.

The best thing about MIUI is that its mere copy of iOS but is rather comparable to it in terms of features. Supporting two languages, namely English and Chinese, one can use MiTalk to send free messages.

Few features that attract users to MIUI are:

  • Clarity
  • Face Recognition feature on the camera
  • Childproofing your phone
  • Customization

It’s all together a different ecosystem offering user friendly features. MIUI supports Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Comprehensive Comparison

CyanoGenMod and MIUI ROMs differ in various aspects. We compare the two on UI, memory usage, customization, ease of use and stability.

  1. UserInterface: CynaGenMod is another stock android whereas MIUI shares similarities with iOS.
  2. Memory Usage: MIUI uses less memory and thus can easily be used on entry level phones. But that’s not the case with CynaGenMod.
  3. Customization: While CyanGenMod offers limited customization with MIUI you can take the customization of your phone to the next level.
  4. Ease of Use: Both score almost same points when it comes to ease of use of these ROMs.
  5. Stability: CyanoGenMod found to be a stable ROM in comparison with MIUI. It still needs to be made as 100% bug free.

Final Verdict

Out of several custom Android ROMs available as options to users, no doubt CynaGenMod and MIUI stand out.  But when it comes to drawing comparisons between these two, some priorities need to be set . If you are tech savvy and interested in tweaks CynaenMod is an ideal choice and for others looking for UI & customization MIUI will be the preferred option.

Overall performance wise CynaGenMod comes on top however, no major issues are encountered with MIUI as well.  Personalization as desired is supported by MIUI whereas CynaGenMod is pure stock Android experience.

Security and stability that CynaGenMod provides is yet to be matched by MIUI which is more prone to bugs. However, it is to be understood that with shorter development cycles that MIUI has, this is quite natural.

To wind up, MIUI is user friendly and CynaGenMod offers greater control when it comes of ROMs.

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