Mobile App Development Trends 2018

Mobile applications have grown so popular in the present decade that from big enterprises to start-up firms everyone is investing in mobile apps to push their business forward. App development industry is embracing various new technologies and incorporating them to increase sales and gain sustainability. Leveraging the new technology, apps are now being used for branding, marketing and to increase customer engagement. Check out the mobile app development trends for the year 2018.

IOT and wearable apps

Wearable devices have the dual role of being functional and stylish. The technology of wearable devices is mostly needed by the healthcare industry. Internet of Things is nothing but a network of devices which can be connected to share data. Both IOT and wearable devices use sensors to monitor moments and location within a day. The demand for both of these will continue to grow in 2018 by the users, considering the increased popularity of VPN routers which can encrypt WiFi.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The idea of having a personal assistant to help you in everyday tasks is attracting a wide range of audience. Artificial intelligence is thus being integrated into mobile apps by the developers to improve the user satisfaction beyond digital assistants. It is being used to show intelligent behavior by the apps to retain the customers. AI possesses all the capabilities of machine language, knowledge management, and context-based sensors to engage with the users on a higher level. AI helps in contextualizing the human behavior and supports the user needs and daily tasks.

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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

At present, AR and VR are redefining the world we live in. Content marketing and mobile apps are utilizing this potential to explore and expand their audience base. Gaming and retail sectors have gained a huge benefit and altered the way they do business with the help of AR and Virtual Reality. Developers are working to incorporate these technologies into apps to enhance the user experience. AR is setting trends in real estate sector, health, engineering, and retail while VR is being excessively used in the gaming sector, technology, and live events.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Talking about the trends in mobile app development we know how Google has made the web pages responsive to all devices with the launch of AMP. App developers are leveraging this to improve the speed of page loading and for reduction of bounce rate. AMP is now being used by the developers to build beautiful and high responsive apps to increase the traffic flow and to enhance visibility.

Cloud technology

With growing demand for cloud-based applications, developers are made to design apps which can store data and files in the cloud and thus free up the phone memory. The internal memory constraints can now be overcome with apps linked with cloud memory. Cloud- integration to the mobile app is both beneficial to app developer and the user. Users can protect their data and store it securely in clouds. It is even helpful for start-up companies and small businesses to manage their apps without investing much in physical infrastructure.


If there is any technology which became hugely popular in a short span then Blockchain is the one grabbing all attention. This infrastructure which was the backbone of Bitcoins is being used by developers as share ledgers especially while developing mobile apps related to business. They record websites or companies info which is marked as blocks and help users to have better financial transactions. Blockchains are being implemented as the security measures for apps to protect the data.

App Security

Protecting data like personal information of the users or their resources on their mobiles is very vital when it comes to developing mobile apps. So apps with in-built security features are essential for all users. Special encryption technologies are being used by the app developers to protect the user data.

Machine learning

It is a type of artificial intelligence which uses algorithms to develop unique mobile apps. These algorithms analyze huge amounts of data collected from various sources to recognize common patterns and deliver useful insights. With the help of the algorithms, developers can provide mobile apps which can perform complex tasks on automation. It understands customer behavior, delivers customized information and speeds up product discovery.

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  1. You have mentioned some of the most modern mobile app trends that will continue in 2018 and for me the most important trends are the cloud computing and AI. The use of AI will surely enhance the user experience and the cloud computing will make data protected and easily accessible

  2. Great Post! I always wonder about the concept behind blockchain and as you said it became more popular within a short time span. I need to learn more about it.

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

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