Mobile Messaging as a Marketing Tools

Today all consumer-brand marketers are using mobile messaging app as their portal to mobile. All are thinking to run a marketing campaign through these available apps.

Mobile messaging app

So, the brand marketers are focusing on the messaging game and there are mainly two ways in which the messaging app can be used as a marketing tool.

The first method is by using pure-play mobile apps which are popular among us and we are using in our mobile. WhatsApp, WeChat, and Snapchat are globally used apps for these messaging purposes.

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The second method to communicate and correlate with the audience is through in-house chat. This is the brand mobile app of their own and is integrated messaging services. Conversations among the customers and the company are carried on their own property.

The Good And The Bad of Pure-Play Messenger Apps:

Although these messenger apps have global reach but these apps have some limitations while using for communicating with many users. WhatsApp is being used by 700 million users across the world and about 80% of mobile users use it in Europe and parts of latin America. Kakao Talk is used by 97% of Korean whereas Line is used by 50-60% users in Japan. In China 500 million users use WeChat. Snapchat is popular among 100 million daily active users. It is an easy way to connect directly with the customers.

But there are some downsides with these apps

Brand-users are trying to stay connected with the customers in the long term with these apps in the same way as they are connected through Facebook.

The Newest Way to Market with Mobile Messaging is In-House Chat:

In-house chat provides the feature of communicating by the means of brand app which need to download separately to chat on it rather than any other app like Whatsapp.

Some of the leading brands have launched chat feature to their mobile app. The interesting fact is that we are using mobile messaging app as a promotional tool. There are also more activities to create long-standing relationships with the customers.

In-house chat helps in making community chat even better by adding friend of friends. Once a big community is developed, it becomes easier to control execution. It also helps in know about the customers preferences, interests etc.

Brands have helped in marketing with Mobile messaging app.

1. WhatsApp: Toyotawhatsapp toyota

Some brand like Procter & Gamble, Absolut Vodka and Toyota have tried Whatsapp-based marketing app. Toyota Spain made a “flirting competition” through whatsapp to launch a new car. It helped Toyota to expand its sale across the market.

2. WhatsApp: KlikKlik whatsapp

A Chocolate company Klik used Whatsapp to reach teens to sell their products and helped to play a game of Klik Says together. More than 2000 children played this game which helped in better marketing.

3. Snapchat: Taco Bellsnapchat-taco-bell-

Taco Bell uses Snapchat to market its products. It uses app to launch and announce new products to its related customers.

4. Facebook Messenger: Retailers Everlane And ZulilyFacebook-Messenger-1-660x400

A common messaging platform for all is Facebook messenger. This app helped a lot to push messages to the joined customers.


In this blog post we have discussed various methods of messaging apps available which can be used to market the brand-products.

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