Facebook Removed its Paper News Reading App from App Store

Recently, Facebook has removed its Paper news reading app from App store and will discontinue the support for existing downloads on July 29th.Facebook Removed its Paper News Reading AppTwo years ago, Facebook introduced a Flipboard-style news reading application “Paper” for its iOS users. Even though the app received good remarks from critics, it failed to impress a large audience across the world.

Users who have installed this app on their iPhone experienced the transformation of core Facebook platform into a sort of newspaper. The app was like any other News apps that collate news and disseminates it across different categories such as technology, sports, politics, food, and travel. However, the design of the app was visually appealing – giving it real newspaper like feel, but it failed to impress as a standalone news reading app.

It fell from the top 300 apps in a month and hasn’t been listed in the top 1500 apps since the end of 2014. According to the research from Sensor Tower, Paper app accumulated around 119,000 downloads in the past year, and between 1.2 million to 1.6 million since launch. The app last updated in March 2015 and was never even released for Android users.

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Note: The Facebook Company has removed the Paper app from the App Store, and can no longer be downloaded by the new iOS users. For all existing users, the app will stop working from July 29.

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