PassMoz LabWin Review

There are many people in the world who are always looking for excitement in life. You can use different methods to achieve that and traveling is one of them. I am also one of those persons who like to travel and explore things. Last month, I went to Budapest with my family for two weeks. I know you have started wondering that I am a jobless guy, as 2 weeks is a very long time for vacations. But for your knowledge, I own a business and I work sincerely the whole year except the two weeks I mentioned. Every year I go on vacation with my family for 2 weeks.

So, coming to the topic straight, this time when I returned from my vacations, I wanted to bang into my work. I rested for some time and then directly went and switched on my desktop. I clicked the admin account and started filling the password. What? “Is this the ‘I forget something feeling’ I am getting?” Well! My mind started getting worked up, and I started searching my mind thoroughly, if I know the password or not?

After 2 hours of through mind searching, the point came, when I said to myself – “buddy, you have lost your password!”. I didn’t sleep that night and went early to the office the very next day. I called all the techies in my office and told them about the problem, but their faces told me, what they wanted to say – a No!

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For 2-3 days I tried every possible method to recover my password, but all in vain. One day I was in my office interacting with my old friend Mark on the phone. I told him about the situation and he replied that he has the perfect and the easiest solution for the problem. For some time I thought that I was interacting with Jesus, just kidding!

Mark told me about this amazing tool PassMoz LaWin. At first, I was a bit skeptical that how can a simple tool solve this big issue, but believe me it worked.

What Is PassMoz LabWin?

Well! If you ask me, it is something which can make your bad day good. Actually, it is a software tool that is used to recover the following type of passwords:

  • Administrator Password
  • User and Guest Password
  • Microsoft Accounts Password
  • Windows Server Password
  • This tool offers the advantage of the ease of use.

Though there are other tools also available online, nothing worked for me except this. This tool offers the advantage of the ease of use. The user does not need any proficiency in the field to apply it. It has been available to users since 2014. It facilitates recovery of different types of passwords without the need to reinstall the system which is great as there is no loss of data.

How Does It Work?

The best thing about this tool is that there is no rocket science involved in using this. You just have to follow certain simple steps and bang! Your password is recovered.

Here are the small steps to make the things easier for you:

  1. Download PassMoz LabWin tool on a PC
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen and install the software.
  3. Open the program.
  4. Create a password reset disk by burning the ISO file to a USB or a CD/DVD.
  5. Boot the locked PC using the reset disk.
  6. The locked system displays the usernames to be unlocked.
  7. Select the username to be unlocked by clicking on it.
  8. Click Reset Password. This eliminates the password from your system.
  9. You can now reboot to use it without a password.

The steps are simple and can be used by novices also. Other than the advantage of ease there is one more thing associated with the PassMoz LabWin, that is its reliability. Actually, the software has a high success rate, unlike other tools which work on hit and trial basis. You can find numerous software which fail to deliver at the last step, ending up wasting your time.

Moreover, apart from the above-mentioned points, there are many benefits associated with this tool like seamless working, powerful algorithms, user-friendly interface, No ads, reusability and many more.


The trial version of PassMoz LabWin is available online for free. Other than the trial version there are other plans also depending upon the services offered in each pack.

So, if you are also in the kind of situation that I was in, the tool can work just fine for you. Forgetting passwords and not being able to access the system can be a frustrating experience, and this tool can prove to be a great help.

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