Top 3 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Failed to Fly

Your social media marketing strategy is not delivering the results you were promised and you, an astute entrepreneur but a layperson when it comes to digital marketing, have no idea how to nail the problem.

Welcome to the growing club of new-age businesses struggling to make themselves heard in the virtual noise of social media platforms. If you’ve not been happy with the results of your social media strategy, take a look at these three factors that could have led to its failure to deliver.

You failed to reach or understand your core target audience

Even the best-intentioned social media campaigns can bomb if not aimed at the right people. Especially when you’re launching a new product or service, it’s crucial to narrowly define your target consumer to your digital agency and instruct them to focus their marketing efforts on that audience only.

Example Ad #2

The biggest mistake social media managers make is to believe that posting anything interesting will keep their target audiences hooked. The truth is that funny memes, irrelevant videos and unrelated blog posts can only get you so far. What if a section of your potential customers is too savvy for memes? They’re instantly going to be put off with your brand and look for more “evolved” alternatives.

Whether it’s Facebook or twitter or Instagram, build your brand by posting engaging, informative and interesting content that your audience will find relevant. Follow this ground rule and half of your social media marketing woes will disappear swiftly.

Your social media posts are a never-ending sales pitch

According to digital marketing experts, the biggest problem with most social media strategies is that there is minimal effort to engage audiences in an organic and non-manipulative way—which is why many marketers cannot support their social media marketing efforts with an impressive ROI.

Indeed, the goal of your online marketing efforts is to generate leads and boost sales, but going overboard with promotional and sales content will annoy both your existing and potential customers. The trick to building a long-term relationship with your audience is to entertain, educate and inform them, and to sell your brand tactfully and not forcefully.

Your social media marketer is not equipped to handle the campaign

If you have an in-house employee handling your social media pages, there’s a chance that they are unaware of the intricacies of social media marketing. This means that even their best efforts will not get you positive results. If you’ve outsourced to an agency, it’s time to ask some tough questions.

Is your Social Media Agency up to the job? Do they have the competence, expertise and resources to devise and execute a result-oriented campaign tailor-made for your audiences? Have they been able to support their efforts with real-time data?

These are only some of the points you should consider when weighing whether your digital agency has delivered what you signed up for. If you’re not satisfied, consider looking for a digital agency that specializes in social media marketing for your niche and will go further than showing you likes and followers.

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