3 Main Reasons to use Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular blogging/CMS platform and there are numbers to prove this. Approximately 28% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. The huge popularity of WordPress based sites also resulted in spammers and hackers taking advantage of security loopholes, malware, and code injections to sabotage WordPress based websites. Moreover, poorly configured shared web hosts would allow a single WordPress installation with rogue plugins and leaky scripts to affect an entire group of websites.

All this is better managed now when enterprise web hosting providers started offering specialized hosting ecosystems for WordPress based websites. Such WordPress Hosting packages were configured with an aim to optimize performance, speed, security, and management of WP websites. As an extension to WordPress Hosting, hosting companies also offered a fully managed platform known as Managed WordPress Hosting which would take care of all WordPress management and optimization related tasks, giving the website owners complete freedom to focus on their business rather than site maintenance. In this post, we shall discuss 3 primary reasons why Managed WordPress Hosting should be considered for your WP website.

1.Unparalleled Support

Typically the support team of Managed WordPress Hosting only deals with WordPress. On account of this, they develop high levels of expertise to handle WordPress based problems. It is essential to have a strong support team who knows what they are doing in times of difficulty.It doesn’t end here. Managed WordPress Hosting teams will also take care of most of the technical details including WordPress maintenance and updates, performance optimization and even adding/removing resources to your hosting plan. This will allow the website owners to stop worrying about the technical details and focus on the core business.

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Apart from this, a dedicated support team from a Managed WordPress Hosting plans will also help in critical situations such as migration and even during disaster recovery processes. Having a reliable expert on your side makes all the difference in such situations.

2.Performance Optimization

It is established that WordPress Hosting is geared to optimize the overall performance, speed and security of WordPress websites. This means that the hardware and software configuration is configured to be highly compatible with WordPress. In Managed WordPress Hosting, the team of account managers strives to keep your site in good shape. This includes aspects of automatically installing WordPress updates so that the latest version of WordPress is driving your website and even taking periodic backups so that you have a stable restore point in case of a disaster.

Apart from this, Managed WordPress Hosting providers also take care of WP optimization tasks such as optimizing and maintenance of WP-Database. For those who don’t know what WP-Database is, it is the main database of your WordPress website that stores important information such as pages, posts, comments, forms, form entries, plugin settings, theme settings and more. As your website grows, the size of the WP-Database also grows. This tends to make the website slower as it takes time to retrieve information from the WP-Database. This is why it is essential that the WP-Database is well maintained and optimized.

3.Being Developer Friendly

Another advantage that Managed WordPress Hosting offers is easy access and support to additional developer-friendly features. This includes features such as SSH access, Composer, HeidiSQL, Sequel Pro, and Git. Additionally Managed WordPress Hosting will give you the ability to run different versions of WordPress between multiple staging environments so that you can test out new functionality and features of your website and seamlessly integrate them later on the website in production.

Managed WordPress Hosting also provides support to identify plugins based on your website’s requirements and helps maintain these plugins so that your site is always working on the most updated version for better user experience and performance.

All in all, these features make it extremely efficient for you as a WordPress website owner to run your WP website and more importantly focus more on business-critical aspects rather than technical and maintenance duties. Subsequently, having the WordPress Hosting ecosystem also ensures you have the most compatible backend to scale up your WordPress website. Hope this helps you get a better understanding of the power of Managed WordPress Hosting and if you have any additional points or questions, please feel free to use the comments section to your advantage.

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