Top 5 Online Whiteboards for Business

In this post, we will give you a brief review of top 5 Online Whiteboards for Business.

When you click on the TAKE A TEST DRIVE button, a whiteboard session may open where you can welcome others, make documentations, and so on. I set my screen name and utilized the INVITE function, which permits you to set time limits on to what extent somebody can work together with you, and pick between 4 parts for them:

  • Moderator
  • Viewer
  • Collaborator
  • Reviewer

You need to give a name and email address of your own with a specific end goal to have the capacity to welcome others to team up. It took a short time for the session to begin on the PC where I opened the welcome, yet then it worked fine. You can make multiple sheets inside of a session, and there is an awesome set of devices for varying widths, colors, and styles of ‘pencil’, including shapes or content, altering what you’ve drawn. This is a great tool and one worth considering in case needs an intuitive, synergistic white board device.Vyew

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Inviting others to work together on Twiddla was fast and simple – simply hit the green GO button to begin a session and utilize the Invite option. This application gives an awesome set of devices. You can easily include a picture, page, or archive as a foundation to markup. There is a shapes tool, a pen width tool, a color palette tool, and content can be embedded. There is even a “browse” option so that connections in your experience picture can be clicked on, which was really one of a kind.

Good Features

  • Free audio conferencing capability
  • A chat option built in

It is extremely amazing and has a place at the highest priority on the list of applications to consider if you require a tool like this.twiddla

Megascopes’ Whiteboard is a remarkable site that is about the exchange of ideas. There is substantially more to it than simply this whiteboard application (yet that is the center of this post with the goal that’s what is examined here). When you open the whiteboard application, click on the “Request a private session” join (under where it says “Session: open [2]” in enormous letters). This will open a private session, where you will now see a connection (where the “Request a private session” join had been) that can be messaged to somebody that you wish to work together with. I tried it and it was basic and quick. This is a basic whiteboard furnishing a pencil with various colors and widths and an eraser and not a great deal all the more, but rather it is anything but difficult to utilize and does not oblige clients to make a record. There is some extra usefulness connected with the whiteboard (the “persevere” and “post” highlights for instance) that merit exploring further if you are considering utilizing the tool as often as possible.megascopes


Groupboard offers an extensive variety of usefulness, including free use by clicking here (you require the right form of Java or html5/ajax introduced, I obviously did not, and picked not to seek after this further). Groupboard struck me as being equipped all the more emphatically towards paid use, with the free choice all the more a seducer than something you would need to utilize frequently. One noteworthy feature of Groupboard is the capacity to install your board in different applications, including advanced mobile phones and tablets (one part of the front page says it works with the iPad, iPhone, and Android with no modules required, yet then there are buttons to download the application from the Apple Store of Google Play, which appeared to be conflicting). A sweep of alternate levels of use usefulness on the front page makes Groupboard seem deserving of further thought in the event that you need to get more progressed and scale up utilization of a tool like this after some time.



Scribblar is a pleasant device for working together. You do need to join with a specific end goal to utilize it. You can welcome others to take part, and there are a lot of helpful tools for drawing and altering. You can likewise talk or utilize voice to correspond with each other. You can spare pictures (utilize the Snapshot symbol, which will spare pictures to the Assets sheet, from which they can be downloaded). Scribblar is another great free cooperative IWB to look at.



I prescribe Vyew and Twiddla, and recommend considering Scribblar ‘s Whiteboard, Groupboard, or Megascope if neither Vyew or Twiddla meet your necessities.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Online Whiteboards for Business

  1. Please also check out SpryCanvas:
    That’s a nice free collaboration tool.

    You can create a whiteboard session and invite your friends to draw and chat simultaneously (currently, the number of participants is not limited). You can also lock the canvas so that only you, as the session owner, would be able to draw – while others would only watch what you’re drawing.

    You can also set your own backgrounds, like your photo or other image file, and draw over it together with other users.

    The resulting picture can be saved at any time.

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