WhatsApp Advantage: New Desktop Version

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging app, which allows you to exchange text without having to pay for SMS. It is available for Nokia, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and iPhone.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has come with a desktop version of this app. It will work with Mac OS 10.9 and up version and  also Windows8 and up version.

While the WhatsApp already had a version of the Web, the new desktop messaging application offers other benefits. This app doesn’t require people to have their smartphones switch on or to see texts through a desktop browser. Other messaging apps like Telegram, already offer desktop-native versions.WhatsApp Advantage New Desktop VersionIf you want to download this amazing app, you need to visit https://www.whatsapp.com/download from a desktop browser. With the mobile apps, people can sync the desktop version by scanning QR codes with their mobile phones. Just like WhatsApp Web, the desktop version app lets you text with family and friends while your mobile phone stays in the pocket.

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“WhatsApp for desktop is just an extension of your mobile phone: the app mirrors messages and conversations from your device,” the WhatsApp’s company said in its blog post. You may have support for better keyboard shortcuts, notifications of the desktop, and more as the app runs natively on the PC.

Eyeing Enterprise Users

At a conference in Munich, Koum said his whatsapp company has acquired knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work since its acquisition by FB in 2014.

Rather than pursuing an ad-based revenue model, Koum said they would seek at a new method in order to attract business people with the paid services.

Collaboration and Communication tools like Slack, which enhanced its user base 50% over only a few months, have attracted a wide range of enterprise users.

End-to-end encryption of WhatsApp would appeal to business people. Although, this feature recently led to a two-day shutdown of the service in Brazil after the organization rejected to give messaging information to authorities in link with a drug-related criminal investigation.

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