Top 10 IT Service Provider Companies

There are many companies in the world which provide IT services to their clients. Today, all online works like sales and other business are taking help of Information and Technology to work more efficiently in order to produce more profit. No matter which sector of online presence it is, IT is involved everywhere.

Be it accessing internet connections or doing online work, IT has become an indispensable part of the working process of each and every company. From marketing industry to film production to anything else, IT is involved everywhere. Here we have a set of 10 IT service providers, who with their hard work and dedication have become famous at the global level. Some of them have the massive presence and provide unique service to their clients. To know more, read below!

1. Wipro

Wipro is a renowned company in the IT sector and it is dedicated to creating human shaped experiences for customers. The company is focused on the internet of things and is also keeping in mind the increase in natural disasters by technological developments, and how it is taking a toll on the planet. Means, the company is technologically forward with the fact that it is having a vision of sustainable development as well. Very few companies show such awareness. It is also working on strategies like promoting digital citizenship, encouraging individual responsibility etc. These unique approaches have landed Wipro among the ace IT companies of the world.

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2. TCS

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a big name in the IT arena all over the world. It provides IT support in 36 languages, with 11 million calls per year. Users can monitor the status of pending requests; right tools for technological problems are suggested to the clients by the support team etc. are some of the services provided by TCS to its customers/clients. Such different approaches to solve clients’ problems are the reason that TCS has a massive global presence in the IT space.

3. CSC

CSC is the company which stands for Computer Science Corporation and is one of the oldest Information Technology companies in the world. The company came in existence in the year 1959 and the founders were Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones. It has come in the notice that this company may merge with HP enterprises. It is also expected that this merger will take the top place in the realm of IT industry at the world level. There are more than 56000 employees and it is presently serving in more than 60 countries.

4. Everest Incorporates

The company claims to offer best GIC digital Maturity Assessment, unique and different approach to solve problems and latest IT services for users. The company stands tall in the realm of topmost IT industry names. Serving globally, the team of this company has more than 25000 employees who are dedicated to providing excellent services.

5. Cognizant Technology Solutions

The headquarters of Cognizant Technology Solutions is in New Jersey, U.S. It is the leading name in the arena of IT industries in the whole world. There are 233000 employees working in this company which is massive. The main focus of this company is in mobility, analytics, cloud etc.

6. Atos

Atos is the French company and due to its amazing working process, it has made its place in the list of leading IT companies of the world. This company is categorized under regional service provider and has a substantial presence in the IT space. When two major IT companies merged, then this company came into existence and that time was in the year 1997. Therefore, the existence of this company is since 1997. It has now acquired Siemens IT solution, which was also reputed IT Company and this clearly shows the increasing progress of Atos.

7. Capgemini

The global revenue of Capgemini is Euro12.8 billion according to the latest reports. Capgemini was founded by a Frensch entrepreneur Serge Kampf. The company is focused on human-centric approach because it works on the philosophy that only technology cannot alone let to the increase in online business. The company says that client expects collaboration with the company in the working process and this has become company’s key feature, due to which company has always got positive views from its clients.

8. Microsoft

Microsoft boasts that more than 50000 organizations are collaborating and working with Microsoft teams for better performance and results. One of the main reasons why Microsoft always remain among top 10 IT service providers is that it always enhances its technologies within the short span of time. This means that it creates a better standard for itself and pushes the envelope by comparing itself with the best IT services present in the IT space. Recently, it has upgraded Microsoft Office and produced Microsoft Office 365 and boasts the fact that 500 million monthly devises are making use of Microsoft Office 365.

9. Accenture

Accenture is also a company which is customer oriented and provides solutions to its customers in the best manner possible manner. Not only in IT industry, but also in 40 other industries this company has gained expertise. Due to this, it has a considerable presence on the global level. As far as its IT services are concerned, it has intelligent automation platform, innovative mobile CRM system etc. which keeps its clients satisfied and also make the company a preferred choice for people.

10. IBM

With an estimated number of employees of 200, 00 at the global level, IBM India has been ranked on the list of top 10 best companies for women by working mother and AVATAR. This bears testament that IBM is a reputed company. IBM has adopted the use of Hybrid Cloud to compete in these highly digital times and its technological methods keep on getting better to keep pace with the changing times and needs.

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