List of Top 10 Blood Pressure Monitor Apps for iPhone

In this technological scenario, people are making the use of cutting-edge technologies, digital appliances or gadgets to make their life easier and convenient. With the use of new-age technologies such as mobile phones, you can encounter your health related problems. It lets you track your blood pressure as well.

Now you don’t need to rush to the hospital whenever you feel low. You can check your BP at home or at office itself via your iPhone. There are lots of blood pressure monitor apps for iPhone that you can download online with ease.

We bring you the list of 10 most promising Blood Pressure Monitoring applications that you can run on your iPhone.

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1.    Blood Pressure Monitor – Family Lite

Blood Pressure MonitorIt is a reliable iPhone mobile app that converts your device into an accurate blood pressure and health monitoring tool.

It comes with various advanced features such as lifetime data visualization, email import/export, stats reporting, built-in reminders, medication correlation and a lot more. Plus, this application supports comprehensive reading input fields collection, intuitive user interface, optimized keyboard input, customizable input data form and much more.

Overall, Blood Pressure Monitor- Family Lite is a simple, intuitive and robust BP monitoring application.

2.    Health Tracker Pro

Health Tracker ProHealth Tracker Pro is the most powerful and complete health monitoring application on the web. You can download the app from the App Store.

This app lets you track blood pressure, blood sugar, resting heart rate, body mass index, and mean arterial pressure. It also includes some of the stunning features such as comprehensive user interface, color codes values and indicators to help you monitor your health issues like a breeze.

3.    Instant Heart Rate – by Azumio

Instant Heart RateIt is one of the leading Blood Pressure Monitor applications on the internet. More than 35 million of users are making the use of this robust app. You can download and install the app and track your heart rate in a matter of 10 seconds.

It offers multiple advanced features such as heart rate measurement, pulse waveform graphs, heart rate activity zone calculator, real-time PPG graph, auto-stop mode and a lot more.

To an addition, it comes with unlimited data storage and tags, and fitness testing features that you can share on the social media platforms as well.

4.    iBP – Blood Pressure

iBP Blood PressureiBP is a compelling blood pressure monitoring tool, used by thousands of iPhone users. It uses multiple colored buttons to specify the readings of user’s blood pressure – normal, high, or hypertension.

It provides interactive graph that allows users to present their weekly/monthly/yearly report with ease. This app also features user configurable color changes, passcode protection, easy data input using dial instead of keywords, multiple email address, a CSV data restore capability and a lot more.

5.    Echocardiography

EchocardiographyThe app is developed by Epocrates and edited by Dr. Scott D Solomon.

It is an amazing health tracking app that provides a visual lesson regarding the most common types of heart disease with around 250 annotated images and 189 videos.

Plus, it lets you search for specific conditions including myocardial infarction, congenital disease, cardiomyopathy, etc.

6.    Cardiograph

CardiographCardiograph is another sought-after ios-based application that tracks and monitors your heart rate. It is easy-to-use health monitoring application that gives accurate measurement of your heart rate.

It lets you measure multiple people with individual profiles, add locations and notes, and even print out your measurements that you can share on social media platforms as well.

7.    IBPTouch

IBPTouchIBPTouch is an incredible application that provides you an easy way to monitor your heart rate. It also lets you track, chart and report your blood pressure readings.

It comes with a plenty of advanced features such as multiple blood pressure entries a day, limitless BP reading for storing on the database, etc. You can also email the reports after storing the graphs as an image.

8.   PulsePoint

PulsePointPulsePoint is an amazing digitalized tool that tracks and monitors heart rate and allows you to store the results that you can share.

It enables the users to see incidents such as current response status of send units and quickly pinpoint the location on the graph. Plus, it allows you to choose to receive incident notification while they sent and hear in online emergency radio traffic.

9.    Stress Check Pro

Stress Check Pro by AzumioThis is also a useful app that uses the light and camera on your device to measure normal variation in your heart beat rate. The variation specifies your stress levels in real time.

It also allows you to determine the impacts of varied stressful conditions and guides you how to reduce stress.

10.    Heart Beat Rate Pro

Heart Beat RateIt is a stunning iphone-based application that allows you to monitor the heart rate quickly and easily,

It includes an advanced image analysis process to track your blood flow in real-time. Plus, it gives a precise and reliable measurement related to your heart.

All you need to do is to detect the whole camera lens with your index tip, and the application will calculate your heart rate instantly while displaying the pulse signal in an interactive graph.


In this blog post, we mentioned the 10 most compelling and robust blood pressure monitoring applications for iPhone.

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  1. Smartphone-based apps simply record, track, and analyze blood pressure over time, In my opinion your list is fine. Blood Pressure Monitor Apps is Popular, Useful, but Unvalidated….

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