10 Best Web Application Firewall (WAF) Providers

Suspicious elements can breach your data online as cyber attacks are increasing at a very quick pace. Therefore, one needs to take extra precautions to save one’s websites or apps from such threats. Web Application Firewall or WAF software is the best ways to save your data from such attacks and keep them safe. They detect and block the suspicious threats and let you, manage your web data or applications in the way you want. It is difficult to choose which WAF providers to choose as there is the plethora of them available. After analyzing the working process of popular Web Application Firewall Providers, here we have compiled a list of the best WAF providers. One can make a choice of WAF after reading about the facilities each of these platforms provides. Read below to know about them!

1. Webcastellum

On the server, the website ping is 128ms of Webcastellum. The HTML version used by this platform is html3. The platform is easy to use and that is the only reason it is the preference of many users. Google has not assigned any rank to this platform but due to easy interphase, it is the preferred choice of users.

2. Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall offers facilities like virtual internet browsing, custom DNS server and blocks programs from entering/leaving the network. This platform also has customized settings which are very specific along with Rating Scan option which scans each and every running process to detect possible malware. This platform is compatible with 10, 8 and 7. The advanced portion of this platform known as KillSwitch lists all programs and gets unwanted stuff terminated.

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3. CloudFlare

CloudFlare is one of the popular names among Web Application Firewall Service Providers due to its user-friendly interphase. It protects your internet stuff from common attacks and vulnerability like SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting etc. The highlighting feature of this platform is that it does not bring any changes in your website (or whichever internet thing you have) infrastructure, while it protects your stuff from cyber attacks.

4. Net Defender

It is a basic Firewall program designed for Windows. It gives a facility to the user to define destination IP address and let them block other ports from being used in their own network. The drawback associated with this platform is in terms of blocking function and that is, the program needs to be running if one wants to add something to the block list.

5. Sucuri

It is one of the top-rated applications of firewall and the functions and features of this platform provide nearly all the securities needed for the user to protect his/her internet entity. It enhances your security solution, has a flexible account, management, manages more than 10 domains at a time, gives 7 layers DDoS protection and much more. It is suitable for all types of website’s security.

6. PrivateFirewall

This is a platform which allows an easy way to add applications and the user can easily view which addresses are blocked and which applications are allowed. You can easily block or filter traffic without using any prompts just by clicking the icon from Privatefirewall. Such easy ways neither are nor present in other similar platforms. You can also disable access to the custom website and the process involved in the function is very smooth and easy. The simplicity of PrivateFirewall is the reason it is widely used.

7. NGINX Plus

This is a platform which gives security from layer 7 attacks to your internet apps or websites and is based upon famous ModSecurity open source software. It has been used by more than million websites and so has become a popular name in application security space. It is very cost effective and protects your application from cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and several other similar threats.

8. ModSecurity

It is a real-time web application which is designed to protect your files, applications, data etc from cyber attacks, data theft and other insecurities on the internet. It provides users with full HTTP traffic logging, passive security assessment, full-time access control, web application hardening and several another services. It can be embedded only with Apache 2x but you can deploy it as a reverse proxy to protect any kind of web server.

9. Smoothwall

Smoothwal is constructed in a way to run on commodity hardware. It has administrative-interphase which is super easy to use. The distribution of this platform is through GNU Public License and it is open source software.

10. Imperva

The working process of Imperva is very simple. This analyzes requests coming into the application, inspects them deeply and ceases the cyber attacks associated with such requests. It gives protection to your app on the cloud without compromising any quality in the security process and management capabilities. It gives full protection to the apps and migrates them safely.

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