10 Cost Effective Tools: To Help You Manage Your Business

Running a business or a website is not a cup of tea for everyone. It requires proper management, effective planning strategies, and of course, cutting-edge tools. There are loads of cloud-based tools out there in the web market. These tools allow you to run a business with ease. You can manage your financial activities; plan your marketing strategies and a lot more.

In this blog post, we bring you the list of ten most affordable cloud based tools that will help you manage your business and also take it to the higher level.

So let’s begin!

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1.    Invoicera

InvoicersInvoicera is a great tool that can help you create and send online invoices to the clients and customers with ease.

It is a feature-rich tool used to save time and effort that you can invest on your core business. This tool helps you creates customized and visually appealing invoice templates that can match with your business needs.

Even, you can also track time and manage your projects in a matter of few minutes. The Invoicera tool lets you receive payments online and generate reports. It also offers some of the stunning features, such as online payments, late fee, and payment reminders.

2.    MailChimp

mailChimpMore than 10 million of websites all around the world using MailChimp email marketing tool.

It is a great tool for those site owners who want to manage their email campaigns, automate useful product follow-ups, and send back-in-stock messages to their clients and customers. It simplifies the management of sending the bulk of messages to your potential customers or subscribers.

MailChimp also supports social media platforms, and offer beautiful templates to generate better results from your email campaigns.

3.    WordPress

WordpressWordPress is undoubtedly one of the best content management systems for business startups. It is a great platform for those who are new into the web development sector. This tool lets you build professional looking site in no time. It comes with plenty of robust plugins and themes to let you extend the functionality as well as the design of your site without any coding skills.

WordPress is user-friendly that allows people to build anything – be it a content-based site or an eCommerce platform.

4.    AngelList

AngellistAnother powerful tool to help you start off your first online venture.

It is a superb platform that allows startups to discover right people for building a team for your business. It simply finds capable investors for your business.

5.    Optimizely

OptimizelyIt is a must-have tool for website owners, especially for those who run A/B testing and site optimization on a frequent basis.

It is easy to use platform that lets you test, customize and optimize websites and web-based mobile applications for delivering rich experience to the visitors on multiple devices.

The tool lets you create an interactive and responsive site that can run smoothly on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and different mobile platforms.

6.    LiveChat

LiveChatLiveChat is also a robust tool that helps you set up an operative communication system within your site.

With this tool, you can embed a live chat solution into your site where you can interact with your potential customers. You can ask their queries, get their feedback or they can ask their queries, and get in touch with you in real time.

A LiveChat tool allows site owners to quickly respond to their potential visitor’s queries and convert them into web customers. You can also customize the look and feel of your live chat box with this powerful tool.

7.    Surveymonkey

SurveMonkeyIf you want feedback and reviews about your site from your potential customers, then you should use this tool.

Surveymonkey lets you offer the right type of products and services for them. It helps you create easy and interactive surveys that can easily be filled by the targeted customers.

You can also use surveys to discover the most relevant marketing strategies for your business.

8.    SEMrush

SEMrushIt is one of the most useful tools that help you provide in-depth analytics about your business. It is used for managing search engine optimization of your site and also provides detailed competitor analysis by understanding the competitor’s SEO strategies.

9.    FullContact

FullContactFullContact is a stunning tool used for managing and strengthening the long-term relationship with their clients and customers.

This tool generates your Gmail contacts that matter to your business. It helps you provide detailed information about your Gmail contacts such as social profiles or latest updates.

Overall, FullContact tool lets you build a relationship by connecting your potential customers on social media platforms.

10.    Canva


Canva is our last but not the least tool that can help you manage your business like a breeze.

It is a great designing tool that allows designers and novice users to create a variety of beautiful designs and download theme with ease. It supports a host of resources including backgrounds, graphics, images, and frames that one can use to design a customized site, without any heavy lifting.

Wrapping Up

These are the most cost-effective tools that you can use to manage your web business or web-based mobile app with ease.

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  1. Great article! We are ac company that offers a cloud based business management platform that can fulfill many of the above mentioned functions form a single sign on, with integrated components such as CRM, HR, Contract Mgmt, and so much more. Most importantly, as champions of the SMB market, and are priced as such. I hope we make your list next time!!

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