3 Ways to Ensure Your Blog More Friendly To Users

Content is the King of today’s online marketing strategies. It allows businesses to build highly interactive websites to showcase their brand value and expertise to a large number of potential visitors. And a blog is one of the most pivotal tools that allow you to publish your unique and captivating content on the web.

By creating intriguing blogs you can drive more readers towards your site. When a visitor visits your blog or site, they make sure whether they want to stay on or leave within the first few seconds. So, encouraging a visitor to read your blog is a serious job and you can do this by ensuring that your blog is user-friendly and engaging.

In this blog post, we will light upon the three tricks that can make your content more accessible, readable, and of course, user-friendly.

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1.    Create Fresh and Unique Content

Create Fresh and Unique ContentsCreating unique, engaging and enthralling content is the key to web success. In such an advanced internet world, you need to keep on elevating your standard and encourage people to visit your site and read your content. If a visitor invests his/her time to visit and read the content of your site, then you should not offer them the OUTDATED content – it could affect the user-experience of your site.

So, create the content that is fresh, unique and relevant in today’s era. Don’t underestimate your readers and give them opportunities to become a regular reader of your site.

Tips: You can delete information about the dates of your published posts. If you want to add the information regarding the date on your posts, use the date the content was last updated. Don’t mention the actual date when you published the post.

Try to write content that will be relevant and credible in the future.

2.    Use Simple Navigation

Use simple navigationKeep the things simple and readable. It is imperative that your blog should have simple and clear named menus. It won’t be good if you name your contact page in the menu as “ catch me down now” because visitors understand simple language and such types of long sentences won’t help them.

In fact, you should also check your common components of your blog such as blog logo, comment box, search box, post categories and breadcrumbs, etc. These components should be simple and understandable to readers.

Tip: Don’t complicate the things. Keep everything simple and authentic. Be genuine.

3.    Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile-friendly designAccording to the Google algorithm, mobile responsive websites will get higher ranking on search engines. So, it is essential for you to ensure whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. Well, you can use the free Google tool to test your site’s mobile responsiveness.

If your site is mobile-friendly, your mobile visitors find obstacles in reading your content. They will need to zoom in, scroll left/ right every time to read your blog.  It will give a very bad reading experience to your mobile visitors.

As most of the people browse the internet via their smartphones and tablets, it becomes necessary for the web designers and developers to create a site or blog that smoothly works on multiple devices and screen sizes.

Tip: You can make your site mobile friendly with easy by integrating a beautiful responsive theme or web design into your site.


With the help of these tips, you can make your blogs more engaging and user-friendly. It will help you convert your readers into regular visitors which in turn improves your productivity.

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