Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Google Search?

Google’s head of search declared that he will be retiring at the end of this month, and will be appointed John Giannandrea who is the head of Google’s machine learning and AI push.

Google is talking about neural networks now a day. These networks work like the brain of a human. They assist in responding to search queries with a good understanding of such kind of queries. Moreover, they work faster than the brain of a human. They can do lots of things in a short period of time.
Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Google SearchNumerous social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are now seeking to get this amazing technique, which is also known as deep learning.

If you want to ask to Google about a date in history, the knowledge graph may check for it and show it above any links. The same thing will also happen with famous places, movies, weather forecasts, a notable person (e.g. politician and actor) and tourist attractions, and other information. In short, these networks will save you time.

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Numerous people believe that over the next few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will provide some of the amazing breakthroughs in technology. The aim of Artificial Intelligence is to make systems that know their environment as well as handle daily tasks, from handwriting and recognizing speech, replying to emails to creating self-piloting cars and preventing online fraud.

These networks may learn to determine whatever it is shown. This is the advance technique that Google is utilizing it in order to work in the quality of search results.

The Google search’s future is yet to be decided, but the quality of search results will surely improve soon.

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