Top 5 Online Data Management Tools

Every business has a huge data to be maintained and doing it manually is an impossible task. Hence, there are some well-known data management tools that help you in this process. Having a lot of research data and other details and if you need a home to store them, there are resources that could help and some of the data management tools provides an excellent facility. Check out below for some of the data management tool:


Databib is an online data management tool that helps in storing a huge resource data and if you are someone looking for related data, then Databib is the apt tool for you. Databib helps in finding repositories either to submit data or to access data. They provide about 500 research data repositories. This tool is useful mainly for people in research departments, funding bodies, publishers and other research organizers. databib


Hightail is a tool that is widely used for entertainment purposes. Hightail provides you space to upload videos and images and other entertainment files which can be easily used by anyone. It is used for both small and large-scale business management at reasonable prices. It supports online commenting, video timestamps, and a great source for exchanging feedbacks on designs etc. It also supports collaboration of e-mail, thereby making it faster for the entire company in getting your project or any other details on the board.

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Their pricing varies on your usage and requirement. There are several suitable plans for everyone, from small space to a maximum. The ranges start from $5 to $15 and you can get in touch with the company to discuss further spacing and other details. hightail

Mozypro Cloud Backup

To save your data and not to lose it or maintaining a backup is very essential. Mozypro Cloud Backup allows you to save data automatically from your laptops, computers and servers on the cloud and is easily accessible whenever required. It is a reliable storage system for windows, MAC, Linux, etc. The tool allows you to set automatic scheduled backups and monitor the process through web-based console. They have different price list ranging from 10 GB of $9.99/month to 379.99/month with 1TB space. Mozy


Salsify is a best suitable tool for business people on the e-commerce market. Salsify helps in storing and delivering the product content to the market. Salsify is the tool to publish the products of different commercial products that are available in many e-commerce websites. Health products, beauty products, etc can be stored with Salsify and used by retailers. It pitches the business faster and easier for both consumers and retailers. They have three different plans – Basic, Pro and Enterprise, with cost ranging from $1000/month to $4500/month. Salsify


Justcloud is a simple tool for anyone and even individual purposes. It allows you to save data and is easily accessible from anywhere and at anytime. While using, it does not crash and saves your time. It is an online storage space that can be accessed via mobile as well. You can sync your files and folders automatically by setting up details in the beginning and thereby you can easily save files and data. It allows to sync multiple devices, letting you to save data at the office in your laptop and use it at home on your personal PC or mobile, saving much of your time and no need to carry a USB or data card. They have different plans depending on the storage space and the minimum available price starts from $8.99/month.justcloud

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