Best CMS Platforms For SEO Friendly eCommerce Platforms To Use In 2016

Content Management System, abbreviated as CMS, was initially created in the late 90s, which is nothing more than a computer application that helps in changing the data and making the new ones from a commonly used user interface. Revolutionizing the work of an SEO in the field of digital marketing, they have come to be applied on a worldwide basis and choosing the right CMS platform can be nothing short of trouble many times.
SEO Friendly
With a lack of foresight in the play of a search engine, many CMS platforms deliver the constraints, bad meta-tags, unfriendly search engine design and other related problems which possess the capabilities of causing big obstacles in the work of an SEO and thereby delivering an ineffective result to the client. Realizing this, the need of a decent SEO friendly CMS platform was certain and the below mentioned five have certainly been helpful.


BigcommerceAs the name says it, the Bigcommerce surely is a big thing when you talk about ecommerce SEO friendly sites in these times. Founded in 2009, Eddie Macchalani and Mitchell Harper sure did wonders for the people in search of a CMS platform that helped them not only with the creation but  also the management of the ecommerce websites. Giving tutorials, to DOS and newsletters on how to run a successful ecommerce store, Bigcommerce has managed to catch the eye of millions. It sure is also known for the seamless speed and security of the data that it can offer for your website.


MagentoStarting off in 2007, Magento surely can be considered as one of the worthy contenders in the CMS platforms industry for SEOs. The sole reason for this is their user friendliness and the fact that even beginners can easily catch up with this. Magento is a rich CMS platform, which allows you to change the templates as much as you need and enables you to customize as per your requirements to whichever extent required. It also is built to scale so whether you sell 10 or 10,000 products, Magento will handle it.

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DrupalReleased 16 years ago, Drupal surely has been in the CMS platforms contender list for quite some time and at this time it most certainly has earned the right of being called as one of the best in its class. Drupal is known for its rapid prototyping, security updates and scaling abilities! Along with all this, Drupal is also known to serve its own API and hence it’s a lot of people SEO’s prefer using it!


ShopifyWhy Shopify is considered to be a good ecommerce website is probably because of the fact that it offers a great deal of choices when it comes to templates, tools and the charges that it applies for its service are highly affordable. Just like the rest, Shopify has been around for quite some time now, which has helped it gain its credibility in the market and certainly has been one of the favorite CMS platforms to be used by SEOs.


wordpressUndoubtedly WordPress is one of the best in this list of CMS platforms. The reason for this being the best is the fact that nothing else could get more SEO friendly as compared to the WordPress. The SEO plugins offered by WordPress help in assigning meta title, meta description, h1tags and also offers plugins to estimate the effectiveness of the SEO optimization done on it. Apart from this, it is built in blogging enabled, optimized for tablets and smart phones and  also offers flexible e-commerce options.

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