Top 5 Indications That Your Website is Under Penalty

These days the internet has come to host a lot of websites and the only reason  behind this many companies going viral on the internet with their websites so that they can reach out to the masses easily. The reason for this is because all of them are stuck to internet all the time! Businesses today are solely being run on the internet and since people literally live on the internet, it is quite the obvious fact that organizations would have to market themselves online. In the process of digital marketing, a lot of sites can get penalized.

What does penalization of the site mean and what are the indications of sites being penalized?

penalization of the site

Penalization of the site basically means that the rules and regulations defined by search engines like Google have not been followed and with the Panda and Penguin updates, Google’s algorithm sure has become tough to pass through undetected. These penalizations have to be identified by a site as soon as possible as this can potentially ruin a website’s reputation! .Mentioned below are the 5 indicators of penalization you should be well aware of!.

1.  Drop in ranking

If your website happened to be one of the top ones in a search made over search engines and one day they randomly fall to the last of the pages in the bottom few, then this is a clear indication that your website has been penalized. There is hard bound proof of this though, and assuring this is not possible without the next sign!

Example Ad #2

2.  De-Indexed

A web site is known to be de-indexed if your website does not appear when you run a search on the search engine. This is a clear sign of the spiders de-indexing your website and this is somewhat of a proof that your website has been penalized.

3.  Penalty Notification

You get duly informed that your website has been penalized and Google has been known to have done that before taking your pages down. You can determine you have one using your webmaster tools (GWT) account.

4.  Lesser Organic Traffic

When your website is declined an organic traffic, it happens to be a clear indication of your website being penalized and with the Google penguin update, a lot of sites were having a lesser traffic problem. You can check for this by the following steps.

  • Go to “Traffic Sources”
  • Click on “Sources”
  • Choose “Search”
  • Proceed to “Organic”
  • Remove the traffic coming from other search engines
  • Hit on “Source” and then, “Google”

5.  Unnatural Anchor Text distribution

This too happens to be a good indicator. You can determine this in the following steps.

  • Log on to
  • Type in your website URL and click “Search”
  • Format the drop down box settings to: Show—followed +301—links from—only external—pages to—pages on this root domain—and—group by domain
  • Hit on “Filter”

Concentrating on anchor distribution text is the key factor here. If more than 50% of the links have nearly the same anchor texts, then this is a warning of unnatural link profile.

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