Best iPhone Quick Tips: How to Increase Storage Space Without Any Software?

Being an iPhone user, you must have deleted your old photos, messages, uninstalled applications to free up your phone’s storage space. Having  an iOS phone with 16GB, or even less storage space can create issues for you – as you need to clean up your storage space all the time if you want to install a new app or download a movie. Well, there is an amazing way that can help you increase the storage space of your iPhone with ease.

Fortunately, there are many options to increase the storage space of your iPhone, without even installing any software. So, in this post, we will share some of the useful tips that will free up your storage space for images or other stuff.

Best iPhone Quick Tips to Boost Storage Space


1.  Check Why Your Storage is Full?

The first think you need to do is to check your phone’s storage space and find out what is using the majority of space.

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For this, you need to go to the Settings > General > Storage space and iCloud Utilization > choose manage storage space (just below the storage space subhead).

The following page will show you how  much storage space has been used. We can also ensure that how many applications are taking how much space on your device. And thereafter, you can delete the apps, images, and videos that are taking up your device’s storage space.

2.  Delete or Re-install Apps

You might find this step unproductive in the starting, but deleting and re-installing applications can free up hundreds of megabytes space from your iphone device.

This process is crucial because an application contains cached video, data, and files saved to your device. Usually, unnecessary files can be removed out, but some of them still remain on your device.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to remove and re-install the apps if you want to clean up all their cached data. If you don’t want to get into the removal procedure, you can also delete their cached data, without removing or re-installing applications. Few apps come with an assured cache function hidden inside the apps settings menus. You can remove all the cache data of each application, without even using any software.

3.  Trash Old Messages

You can free up a lot of space if you  trash your old  imessages from your iPhone.

Do you that an iMessage application on an iPhone take almost 512MB to 390MB space? Thus, it is better to delete some old messages. Here, you don’t need to delete entire iMessage conversations – just delete the old  messages that you really don’t need.

4.  Delete The Unnecessary Photos

The default camera application on iPhone takes up around 860MB of space, which includes 150 photos, 6 videos, and 3 panoramas.

Therefore, it is necessary to delete those images that you have no desire to keep. You can trash those images from your iPhone and free up some more space.

Note: You can store some of them to your PC’s hard disk. 

5.  Delete Safari Cache

While browsing the net using iOS safari mobile web browser, the images and site records may ground inside the cache, taking up much more space.

If you want to additional megabytes for your iPhone, you need to go to the Settings > Safari > Clean History and Website Records. In fact, you can also manage your past records while removing everything in Safari via heading a few menus much deeper.


Now, no more headaches. These tips will help you increase iPhone storage space, without using any external software. You just need to check the storage settings of your iPhone and optimize all your data accordingly.

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