Celoxis: A world-class platform for project management

celoxis-1The market for project management software is full with tools of all shapes and sizes. Finding the right solution has always been a challenge to buyers. If their decision is based simply on picking a couple of names, evaluating their offerings and signing up, then it would most of the time, if not always end up as a shelfware (software that is not used).

Celoxis is one platform that is heralded as a user-friendly platform with powerful customizations, making it an ideal project management software for medium and large businesses. It is the project management platform of choice for global brands like Rolex, Bombardier, HBO, Delhivery, Del Monte, KPMG, University of Washington, Harman (Samsung), Interim Healthcare, Jabil and several others. Since 2001, the team at Celoxis has been working with an unparalleled focus to simplify enterprise project management challenges.

Reports from their users indicate an all-inclusive improvement of 40% regarding productivity and efficiency. Celoxis also rates among the best as far as buy-in as well as team adoption.

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The Celoxis Platform USP

1. It offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It’s an all-inclusive platform for project management as well as collaboration in the working environment, while also maintaining superior cost effectiveness.

2. An All-in-one tool that eliminates numerous spreadsheets and applications, tracking and managing bugs, risks, issues, approvals, change requests as well as several other vital task flows. With the Celoxis solution, it’s all available in one spot.

3. It is one of a handful of companies offering a cloud-based SaaS & On-Premise deployment model.

4. Celoxis allows for quick implementation and ramp-up in comparison with other market participants. Within a one-week span, clients can fully utilize the system.

5. It is easily and completely customizable. The platform was built with the utmost flexibility and is adaptable to just about any industry or business.

6. Celoxis offers an unmatched and fanatical 24×5 support. According to Zendesk (world’s #1 customer service software) reports, the company’s response time is almost 17 hours quicker than the industry average and about 96% better in comparison with other Zendesk Support clients.

Key Features

Celoxis offers all capabilities that any enterprise project management would require. Project managers can prepare task schedules with inter-project dependencies, juggle resource workloads and manage portfolio risks. Resource managers can track utilization across projects and also balance demand with advanced capacity planning. If you are using project financials, you can decide project or tasks budgets and even forecast billing. Teams can report  time spent on various activities and also log their expenses incurred. Executives can track profitability and cash flows and get accurate and real-time information about their portfolios through a range of reports. They can also drill down to individual details to take informed decisions.

Price Point

SaaS: $25/user/month  
On-Premise: $450/user one-time

All plans come with volume and duration discounts. The above prices are the maximum one would pay per user. As the co-founder quips, “Our pricing is so simple, that even a fourth grader can do the arithmetic.”

Final Verdict

Celoxis’ price point is almost at 50% of competitive project management tools and that’s what makes it a great balance between price and available capabilities. The company has nurtured their continuously-evolving platform for over 15 years. According to Entrepreneur, the company is a pioneer of SaaS in India and that goes a long way in establishing a trust factor with the clients. With enterprise-class capabilities, a price to beat and flurry of big brands using the platform, Celoxis is hard to give a miss.

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