Posts Table Pro Plugin: A Simple Way to Create Sortable WordPress Tables

From adding social sharing buttons to creating responsive tables, everything seems difficult without a WordPress plugin. It is a boon for WordPress site owners to leverage different WordPress plugins to add functionality into their website, without writing a single line of coding. One of the great plugins is Posts Table Pro.

Posts Table Pro is an impeccable plugin that allows people to create tables for their WordPress site. This is an ideal plugin for those site owners who are content creators, eCommerce site owners or affiliate marketers. It works wonders for them. Whether you want to create product tables or list any type of content from your WordPress site in a table like posts, pages or custom post types, the plugin does everything for you in a matter of few minutes.

Today, in this post, we will explore everything about Posts Table Pro Plugin. So, without a further ado, let’s get started.

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What does Posts Table Pro plugin actually do?

Post Table Pro is not like other WordPress table plugins. There is no data entry functionality. Instead, the plugin allows you to create a table based on the content already stored on your websites. It dynamically lists different types of content from a WordPress site to help you manage your posts, pages, music and videos database, WP document library, etc of your site with ease.

Whether you want to index blog posts, documents, books, events or store products on your site, Posts Table Pro plugin can help you in achieving your goals in a matter of few clicks. The plugin helps you create stylish and fully customizable tables from pages, posts or any of your custom post types in minutes.

The best part about this plugin is that you don’t need to manually enter the data into eachbox of your table because Posts Table Pro automatically fetches the data from your existing WordPress content. Apart from this, you can sort, filter and customize the columns of your tables using shortcodes to make it more accessible and readable. A plugin is a true gem for WordPress site owners- thanks to its extensive customization options.

Unlike any other common Table plugin, Posts Table Pro enables you to pull any of your custom fields to add additional information to the tables. Plus, there is also a search function on the top of the table to let your reader search for a particular type of content with ease. They can sort, filter and search whenever they want to within the table.

In a nutshell, Posts Table Pro plugin makes it easy for you to create any type of table based on you existing WordPress site’s content.

How to download, install and activate this plugin?

You can buy and download the plugin from here.

The download will create a zip file that will be saved as ‘’ to your computer desktop.

After downloading the plugin, you need to log into your WordPress admin panel, then go to Plugins > Add New, then click the UPLOAD button available at the top of the page.

Select the Zip file of Posts Table Pro plugin and trail the following steps to install and activate the plugin:

  • Go to Settings > Posts Table Pro and enter your license key
  • Click on ‘Save Changes’
  • Once your plugin has been installed, you can click on ‘activate the plugin’ to activate it on your site

Note: You will receive your license key in the confirmation email after you purchase the plugin. So add that license key to install and active the Posts Table Pro plugin.

While other WordPress table plugins allow you to list static data in a table, Posts Table Pro can be used in many different ways, such as:

WordPress Staff Directory

The plugin lets you create searchable WordPress staff directory with ease. With this plugin, you can add your staff members or members in a custom post type and show them in a sortable WP table with columns for name, job description, address, and contact details. You can see the knowledge baseto embed the relevant shortcorde for creating WordPress staff directory.

WordPress Audio Library or Video Gallery

Instead of adding separate image or video plugin, you can use this plugin to display images, galleries and embedded audio and video in a WP table.

WordPress Directory Library

Create a dynamic table to list documents from a custom post type in a sortable publications library with additional data that has been stored as custom fields for date modified, or file type.

Index of WordPress posts and pages

List all your WordPress pages and blog posts in a simple and searchable WP table using this plugin. The table will be updated quickly whenever you publish a new post. You can simplify the job of readers by adding category and tag filters above the tables.

How to Use Posts Table Pro?

Being one of the best sortable plugins for WordPress, Posts Table Pro can help you in displaying multiple types of content from your site in a sortable jQuery table in seconds. This will allow your visitors to view posts, pages and other content of your site in an organized table – saving both time and effort. That is the reason why most of the WordPress site owners have incorporated this plugin into their WordPress site.

Since there is no shortcode builder, novice website owners can easily use the plugin to create beautiful and sortable tables without any professional assistance. Though the plugin has incredible documentation on how to use shortcodes, beginners might face issues while creating complicated tables.

But if you are a WordPress developer or an experienced user, you can use the plugin to its crux without facing any complexity. So, beginners can start with creating simple and short tables.

To use Posts Table  Pro plugin, you can add the shortcode [posts_table] to any post, page, widget or other editable area within the WordPress admin. The default configuration will automatically display your site’s pages or post in a searchable and sortable table.

How to Create Sortable Tables using this plugin?

It is strongly recommended to read the entire knowledge base before getting started with the Posts Table Pro Plugin. The examples listed on the page will help you a lot in grasping the most out of the plugin. You  can copy and paste the most relevant shortcode to display a table of contents of your pages or posts.

For an example:

If you want to display a custom post type, then you will need to copy the shortcode relevant to the custom post type. You need to change the post_type=”” shortcode.

This is how you can create a searchable table of content from your WP site to let visitors find the different type of content with ease.

You can find tons of other information on the Knowledge Base page and the different shortcodes for creating searchable and stored tables for your WordPress content.

But there is one disadvantage of using Posts Table Pro plugin. Like WooCommerce Product Table, this plugin also forces you to use shortcodes. Plus, there is not advanced setting options and site wide settings. This downturn may drive the attention of the users away.

Apart from this sole limitation, the plugin has all the possibilities to become one of the trending tools for creating searchable, and sortable tables of content for your WordPress site.


Post Table Pro is one of the useful WordPress plugins that is available in the web market. From listing different types of content to creating complex tables, the plugin does everything to make your life easier.

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