Is Your Logo as Flexible as Your Marketing?

Small businesses have one distinct advantage over major corporations. They have the flexibility to try out new strategies as they explore opportunities and grow.

Their more direct relationship with the customer gives them immediate feedback on these strategies, allowing them to quickly find out what works and what doesn’t.

Having that kind of marketing flexibility is important for business growth, but is your logo equally as flexible? Overlooking this crucial aspect could put damper on your expansion plans. Here’s what yours should be able to do.

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Easy to Read at Any Size


Your logo might look great on a computer screen, but does it stay legible when blown up for a promotional ad or shrunk down to the size of an app icon? The number one readability issue with any logo is shrinkage.

If your business plans on placing its logo on promotional items such as pens, or using it for an app, then print out your logo at various sizes to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

One Background to the Next

Another overlooked issue with many logos is how well they translate to different colored backgrounds. For instance, a logo with black lettering will stand out on any white surface, but would look incomplete when placed on a black one. For this reason, many companies choose to create two versions of their logo.

Test yours out by placing it on various backgrounds to see what works and what doesn’t. This way, you can make sure yours is ready for any promotion.

Only One Color Needed

Whether it’s printing or budgeting limitations, there may come a day when your logo will have to be displayed in just one color. If the only way the public can identify your brand is by an array of colors, then you might miss out on some great marketing opportunities.

Making different elements of the design distinguishable keeps your brand’s identity intact even if your logo can only be printed in black and white.

Any Format, Any Time


It would take a mastermind to create the perfectly shaped logo for any situation, but that doesn’t mean yours can’t handle a few different formats. Save yourself the trouble format limitations by creating a horizontal and vertical version of your logo.

The horizontal logo, an image followed by your business’ name, is perfect for everything from banners to billboards. The vertical logo, an image stacked on top of your business’ name, makes an ideal look for social media avatars, emails, and more.

Medium Shmedium!

A lot of business choose to make their images complex or add in mesmerizing effects, which all look wonderful! However, those additions are lost when translating the logo over to the physical world.

Things like printed t-shirts or embroidered hats make excellent ways to increase brand awareness. Something too complex might not look the way it’s supposed to on these mediums, while effects simply cannot translate to anything that isn’t digital. So, make sure your logo looks good no matter what you place it on.

Flexibility in Branding


When planning to expand, take into consideration whether your company will add services or different sections of operation in the future. A good example would be how Fed-Ex implements different colors for each of their freight, ground, and express services. Another would be how easily Coca-Cola translates their logo onto different variations of their soft drink

If your logo isn’t able to accommodate minor changes to denote new sub-sections of your business, you may find yourself limited in the ways you can expand. Those minor changes also help customers to easily delineate between your business’ different sections, often leading them to better identify with your business on a stronger level.

Flexibility Matters

Marketing is key to the growth of any business. As small business test out new marketing strategies, they often run into trouble with how their logo translates to promotional endeavors. Making sure your logo is flexible enough to handle your marketing ventures helps to ensure that they are more successful.

Whether you are creating an app, promoting your business with t-shirts, or making an ad in the paper, logo flexibility matters. Is your logo ready?

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