Centralized Order Management – An Omnichannel Experience

Today, consumers seek boundless omnichannel experience when they shop both online or offline. While the many retailers in the retail world are working hard to provide the best possible consistent shopping experience, they still face huge challenges to fulfill the ever growing demands and choices of consumers. Also, the request of the connected consumers to provide a personalized but consistent experience on their respective shopping method has increased pressure on them. Irrespective of where you shop from, be it online through laptop or mobile or offline through store, the retailers are trying best to offer a mesmerising shopping experience.OMNICHANNEL EXPERIENCE IBM Omnichannel Customer Experience Index:

It is nothing but an easy way to assess the percentage of omnichannel experience provided by more than 100 US retailers that makes them the chosen ones, through a survey. The survey predicted the need of a unified order management system for future success. A study on the IBM Omnichannel Customer Experience sums up that the successful retailer’s standout for their central vision of inventory, promise of order and a flexible sufficing channel. Apart from supporting the effective execution of omnichannel, it also offers a satisfying consistent user experience.

The biggest challenge retailer’s face is to provide the best possible in-store experience to their consumers, but are striving hard to provide with time and experience.Though in-store can be called the toughest channel to revamp, but has benefits of omnichannel realization and distinctive competition with the digital marketplaces with the help of in-built targeting capabilities for example like that of Amazon.

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With development in technology, the pace of life has speeded. Hence, customers want instant delivery or availability of their product. Unlike online, they want instant assistance at their local store too. This therefore creates pressure on the local retailers to cope with the growing demands. Thus centralized order management therefore helps in retaining the consumers rather than losing them.


Effective use of technology by the local store keepers can help them serve their customers better. By getting their details in real time as well as interaction with them will not only hep them to know the various demands and choices of the customers, but also will help them to serve them and further involve them with different channels. Thus, the omni-channel shopping experience is the future of providing a best shopping experience to the consumers that retailers will focus on to fulfill the ever-growing demands of their consumers

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