The fast Facebook video downloader App for Android

During the day, we all are connected to the internet. Many folks run a successful business on social networking websites and over the internet. If you are businessmen and you use Facebook in order to post interesting videos and wish to download them fast by others, then you must install faster Facebook video downloader app. Moreover, you may use the fast Facebook video downloader app for downloading any kind of video which you like via Facebook.
FB DownloaderThere are many amazing videos that you wish all your friends or relatives to watch and since FB does not have any option in order to download such kind of videos, but now you will be able to download it through this app. If anybody is not on FB, and you would like for them to watch the video or easily store video in your mobile, you may ease that with this app.

What’s New in fast Facebook video downloader?

  • Small bugs fixed
  • You may set a name for a file in order to be downloaded
  • Removed irrelevant permissions
  • It becomes more robust with every update.
  • Now you may easily download videos by clicking on them.
  • Added privacy policy
  • Big crash issue fixed. You can enjoy stable video downloader app.
  • Fixed a big crash problem on few gadgets
  • Added pro version
  • Fixed a problem which stopped downloading videos

Please, keep in mind that

  • You may download and save just facebook videos, and not other ones.
  • It is unofficial app. Its trademark, name , and other things about the application are owned by their owners
  • As it is free, we can use ad inside it. It assists us to improve the application.
  • The ad networks need to know about the apps installed on your gadgets to improve the experience of the user
  • This top video & media app is only 0.9M. However, it has lots of function which attracts several folks to download it.

These are only a few benefits of this amazing fast Facebook video downloader app. So, download this app right now!

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