SEO Basics: 5 Tips to Boost The Ranking of Editorials

An effective content marketing strategy is incomplete without a good SEO campaign. If you want to make your content visible on all the major search engine platforms, you need to optimize the blog or site of your site for higher ranking on Google and other search engines. However, it requires a lot of time, efforts, skills and strategy to enjoy this robust digital marketing, but you just need to stick with some basic concepts if you want to boost the awareness of your content and brand online.

Here, we bring you the five most compelling tips that will help you master SEO basics for your editorial. All you need to do is to follow these tips and promote the ranking of your blog on the top of search engines ranking pages (SERPs).

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1. Create Content For Your Targeted Audience

targetAs a blogger or editor, you should always think of creating a content that can encourage web visitors to stay longer on your blog. You just give them informative, engaging, and valuable content relevant to your business or a product to enhance the visibility of your blogs.

You should know what your readers expect from you while writing blog posts, editorials or articles for them. Make sure you fulfill the needs of your targeted audience by providing them engaging content. Consider the following tips while creating audience-centric content:

Do an in-depth research: Creating quality and informative articles and blog posts require in-depth research. You should understand what your audience want from your blog, and know what types of stories will induce your them. Well, there are several online resources such as Buzzsumo that can help you search various topics that are trending on social media.

Uniqueness: Web visitors prefer a website or blog that contains unique and fresh content – as they are always curious to explore new concepts while browsing the net. In fact, Google loves the quality and unique content, which can help you get higher ranking on SERPs. So, create fresh and quality content for both your web visitors and search engines.

2. Write Captivating Headlines

captivating-headlinesCreating short, simple, yet captivating headlines is the key to success when it comes to online presence. Since web visitors have a split of the second to read or analyze your headline, give them a reason to click it by creating engaging headlines.

Make sure that your headline gives a clear picture of what the entire content is all about. Also, add the main keyword in your headline to let Google read and index your content for better visibility. When it comes to the length, then try to keep your meta description up to 140 characters and headlines around 70 characters. This will encourage both the web visitors and search engines.

For better results, you can customize the URL permalinks of your blog posts by adding a short phrase of your story to make it more independent and search-engine friendly.

3. Internal and External linking

internal-and-external-linkingIf you want to reach more and more web audience, you need to keep your content connected with others as well. For this, you need internal and external links. You can link to quality resources or websites to gain the online presence. This improves the reputation of your site with web visitors and search engines.

In fact, external linking is critical to the success of your content because a good selection of links can provide credibility to your content and enhance the brand awareness of your site. And if you want to retain the interest of your real-time visitors, then internal linking is the best practice for you.

Under this practice, you will link your one web page to another page on the same domain. Internal links in blog posts and articles can help search engines to read and index your pages quickly and easily.

4. Use Quality Images

Highly-quality images within a blog post or article can help you drive more visitors towards your site. You can break your long and boring content into digestive paragraphs and add relevant and engaging images to make it more appealing. Content with quality visuals can give your visitors a rich user experience, which in turn, improve the ranking of your blog on Google.

Use creative ideas while adding multimedia content in your post. You can also add videos, charts, screenshots, GIFs, etc. Don’t forget to optimize alt text of your images and add a relevant keyword in the description.

5. Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketingYou can’t get better results until you spend time in effective social media marketing. To get your content viral across the web, you can share or promote your content on popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

You can also add social media icons to your blog posts to allow visitors to share your content on their personal accounts instantly. This will increase your social reach and help you get a good amount of web traffic towards your blog.


These are the five most effective tips to SEO basics that will help you deliver the best results quickly and efficiently. If you have a blog or editorial, then follow these tips and take your web business to the higher level.

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