Top 10 Lists of Tools to Manage Social Media Marketing Effectively

Whether you have a multinational or a soloprenuer enterprise, it’s difficult to manage a social media marketing (SMM) program without using a third party.

There are many options to choose a social media marketing tool, you may have lots of decisions to make:

  • Which SMM tool would be best for your business?
  • Would you use multi-purpose or specialized social media marketing tools?
  • What features distinguish basic from advanced to intermediate and when can you upgrade the tool?

In this post, we have updated top 10 lists of tools to manage social media marketing effectively.

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1. ScheduGram

This amazing tool is an Instagram post scheduler, with support for bulk uploads as well as multiple accounts. There are very few apps that make it possible in order to schedule posts on Instagram through an internet interface. The price of this too starts at $20 per month.ScheduGram

2. Sprout Social

This tool gives good reports for social accounts and monitored keyword searches and shows social content in one stream. You may easily schedule content on your social media accounts with a suitable publishing system and handle your Social messages on the go with a mobile application available on Android and iOs. It supports Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.Sprout Social

3. Hootsuite

This social media management tool is one of the best tools in the Social Media Marketing Management field. It provides everything a manager of Social Media needs for monitoring, to publishing, including team collaboration and report features. It shows all your accounts in multiple streams. It also gives a mobile app to manage Social streams on the go. It provides free as well as paid plans. The paid plans start at $9 per month.Hootsuit

4. Rignite

This is an amazing social media management platform which covers a few things such as:

  • Analytics data
  • Daily posting
  • Goal-based campaigns

The unique staple of this tool is the campaign based posting feature that enables you to make a particular set of posts in order to promote an event, a product or a promotion and track the campaign results. The Pricing range is from $28 /month.rignite

5. AgoraPulse

It is a social media management tool kit for few programs such as

  • Facebook
  • Customizable ppt reports
  • Twitter
  • Supporting contest applications
  • CRM and one-click
  • Instagram
  • Monitoring

The entire content on social is funneled into an ’email-like’ inbox feature and synchronize accounts in real time while keeping social data from followers & fans and past conversations.


6. Buffer

This tool is the leader of Social Media marketing. It covers all Social media Networks like Facebook, Twitter,  etc. But it does not cover Instagram. It is the best marketing system out there. It has free plans as well.buffer

7. Oktopost

This is a good platform for B2B marketers, focused on measuring clicks and delivering and conversions for lead generation campaigns.OktoPost

8. Sendible

This tool covers around 30+ networks with services for following tasks:

  • Content discovery
  • Messages
  • Social contacts
  • Blog content and promotion
  • Social content
  • Analytics
  • Accounts/profiles
  • Monitoring
  • Engagement


9. Post Planner

It is a publishing solution for Twitter as well as Facebook. It enables you to schedule posts at given times. The “viral content” is a  very unique feature of post planner. You may see the most viral videos, photos and linked from pages and use them on your own Social accounts in order to boost your engagement. postplanner

10. EdgarEdgar

This tool allows you to recycle social media updates and re-post them later automatically in order to reach more followers & fans.

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  1. Thank you for displaying the list of tools to manage social media marketing effectively, very useful blog!!!

  2. It’s a very useful list, I would like you to explore another list that is consisting with 17 most important tools to manage the social media accounts effectively.

  3. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Messenger are most useful tools for social media marketing effectively, it enables you to reach the maximum people without paying a money. Though your list gave here additional tools that is best for us.

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