List of 10 Most Impressive Project Management Software

Selection of a perfect Project Management Software can accelerate the efficiency and productivity of your business beyond your imagination. No matter how small or large your scale of operation is, you should understand the desired goals of your organization if you want to boost your sales and revenues.

With the help of a reliable Project Management tool, you can monitor your projects until they delivered to the potential client. It can also help you have better communication with your teams and clients, without any hindrance. Today, different scales and sizes of companies utilizing  some or the other project management software for improving productivity and generating quality leads.

With thousands of tools available to the business owners, choosing the right fit becomes quite challenging. Here is the list of 10 best and most reliable project management software applications that will save your time and let you manage your business tasks and projects with ease.



If you need to track time and manage your projects in the same place where you execute your work, Intervals is an excellent choice. Born out of tracking web design and web development projects it includes detailed time tracking, flexible task management, and robust reporting. The platform allows you to see where your time and efforts go through a variety of intuitive reports.  Intervals is designed to address the project management needs most common to web developers, creative agencies, marketing agencies, IT service firms, software developers, and consultants.

Intervals is fast and flexible and can be customized to match your businesses workflow.  The Intervals mantra of predict your work, track your work, and learn from your projects is a great way to increase project efficiencies.

2. Trello

2Trello is a simple, and easy-to-use project management tool that comes packed with some common features to let you manage your team’s tasks with ease.

The tool allows you to organize lists, boards, and cards to get a better vision when it comes to the performance of each team member. You can even grab more details by incorporating comments, and attachments directly to Trello cards. In simple terms, Trello is a tool to get information at glance regarding your existing/running project(s).

3. Basecamp

3Basecamp is the best and the most reliable project management software that makes it easy for you to manage your team and clients. It comes with a simple and intuitive user-interface to help you create multiple projects/tasks and setup discussions, manage files,  write to-do lists, and other activities within a matter of few clicks.

The icing on the cake is that Basecamp lets you create and share documents on the go. You can even organize dates for scheduling for real results.

4. Jira

4Jira is another leading online tool designed, especially for software development teams. The software lets you identify bugs within the project and see how much time was spent on each project or task.

It is an ideal application for those who want to manage their project performance in real-time. Creating user stories and issues, plan sprints, and distribute tasks all around your software team.

5. MindGenius

Artboard 1-100

MindGenius combines upfront project planning capability with integrated Project Management functionality. Other project management tools help when you know what you want to do and can schedule tasks and activities. MindGenius combines planning and doing. Perform all your planning activities within the software to determine the right tasks to do and then assign resources, schedule tasks and manage your project to completion.

By combining these features into one software product you:

  • Save time
  • Focus on the right things
  • Reduce stress by putting you in control
  • Get The Job Done

MindGenius helps you stay organised in control of your workload. Try completely free for 14 days.

6. Wrike

6Wrike makes it easy for you to complete your projects on time. It enhances the communication between employees and clients, promotes transparency, accessibility, and accountability to achieve better results. You can keep a track on your team and project performance to get real-time visibility. Even, you can have the Workload overview who has the bandwidth for the next task or project – this helps you determine that you have  the sufficient resources to accomplish your goals on time and on a budget.

The tool lets you integrate other business tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Apps, Dropbox in a matter of few minutes. You can even transform your emails into tasks within a few clicks.

7. ActiveCollab

7Versatility comes in hand with this simple yet robust project management tool. ActiveCollab is a complete solution for all your business needs. It lets you organize your team and keep a track on your project performance to get better outcomes.

With this software, you and your project development team can work together to deliver quality results to their potential clients. Track the time to get accurate details on how much you spent time in completing a particular project. Even, setting multiple hourly rates for businesses and projects becomes  easy with ActiveCollab.

8. Asana

8Generate great results for your business with this incredible project management software. Asana lets you collaborate with remote workers and freelancers with ease.

Instead of using email as a communication tool and action list, the tool keeps all the scheduling, actionable tasks, and sharing files  in Google Drive,, and Dropbox, and receive status updates instantly.

9. Freedcamp

8Instantly collaborate your team to achieve best results with the Freedcamp project management tool. Ii comes with an organized dashboard to let you view the entire project in seconds.

Use Freedcamp to setup multiple tasks of your business and later organize them into the calendar. Plus, it offers impressive add-ons for those large-scale businesses who use CRM, invoicing, issue tracking and a lot more.

10. Zoho Project

10Over million of users are using this project management software to achieve their organizational goals quickly and efficiently. It lets you plan, organize and collaborate the project for generating top-notch results.

It comes packaged with tons of advanced features such as bug tracker, reporting, Google Apps and Dropbox integration, and setup Wiki Pages to create a repository of information and much more.


These are the top 10 Project Management software applications that will help you manage and track the performance of your project efficiently. But make sure that you choose a solution that can improve your entire workflow and lets you achieve better results with ease.

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