What is a Malware? Virus vs Trojan- what’s the difference?

Is your online data or a website is at a verge of risk? There are many malicious activities performed by hackers to get into your computer and steal your credential details or data without even letting you know about it. This is one of the most common cyber crimes these days. Hackers can easily get into your computer and encrypt sensitive information. To protect your computer from suspicious threats and malware activities, you need to look for the best malware removal software that can give you desired outcomes in a breeze. But before this, let’s explore more about malware and find out the key difference between Virus and Trojan.

What is Malware?

Malware is a malicious software (a piece of code) which is used to harm or infect the system, online data or devices. It is described as a term called umbrella used to refer to a numerous range of disruptive and intrusive types of software that can affect the security of your computer and help hackers to steal important information/data with ease.

Malware can be used to spy on your online activities or to extort payment. The worst part of malware is that it is often embedded in which could be more dangerous for the security of your system. If you think Malware is just a piece of code, then you will be shocked to know that it can include different types of viruses, Trojan horses, adware, spyware, nagware, and other types of malicious software.

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This simply means that Trojan and viruses are two different types of malware and differently affects on the system. Let dig more and find the main difference between these two types of malicious software.

Virus Vs. Trojan: Key Differences


Commonly known as a computer virus, this type of malicious software is attached to itself to a file or an executable program and travels through other programs as well as files to infect other clean files, it simply infects the clean file and harms your computer in different ways.

Viruses can damage your system’s main functionally and even delete or corrupt important files. They can also replicate folders and files to increase the load of CPU and steal the space from your hard disk and can do other suspicious things.


As compared to viruses, Trojan is ma ore complicated and dangerous type of malicious program.  It is one of those types of malware which is included in legitimate software and has been tampered with. It tends to create backdoors in your computer’s security and allows other malware to get in and steal your credential data.

A Trojan horse is more suspicious because it misrepresents its identity and get into your system to adversely affect your system’s security. For example, you see a great clean-up software on your system to speed up your its performance and soon you realize that your computer needs cleaning up and you install the software. But here is a surprise for you! Without even knowing it, you have just installed a Trojan program on your computer. This happens normally with everyone! So be careful before installing any software on your system.

However, the effects of Trojan horses vary from viruses. It is more annoying because it may throw your icons in disarray or change your desktop picture. When it comes to serious issues, it could cause some aggressive damage to your system such as stealing or syping on your information.

Since, both the malicious programs need human activity to infect your system, make sure you install good and feature-rich anti-malware software. Make a good decision and secure your computer, data and other credential files and folders from unwanted threats and malicious activities.

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