Retrieving Permanently Deleted Outlook Email Messages

Are you facing problem in retrieving lost or permanently deleted Outlook email messages? Explore the manual as well as automated approach to restore hard or shift deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook PST. Restore deleted email messages in MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 versions without any data loss.

Facing Problem?! Retrieving Permanently Deleted Outlook Email Messages

From the last 2 months, I am using Outlook email client and I somehow deleted or accidentally lost some important emails from it and now, I do not know how to regain deleted files from Microsoft Outlook account. Thus, I want to know how can I recover lost or deleted files efficiently. Kindly suggest me a suitable way that helps in retrieving permanently deleted email messages from Outlook PST format?”

Microsoft Outlook is most popular email program, which enables many users to send or receive email messages on their computer system. It is considered as a personal information manager including calendar, contact manager, task manager, and journal etc. Users can even use Outlook as the standalone utility or can also be worked with Exchange Server. Moreover, it is very common that most of the users accidentally or unintentionally delete multiple emails during mailbox cleanup. However, the worst thing that happened to anyone is while managing mailboxes they accidentally press Shift+Delete keys together on important emails. At times, one question arises in user’s mind is how to recover or retrieve permanently erased messages from MS Outlook profile. In fact, is it not an easy task to restore emails which are deleted from Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 versions. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss few solutions to recover hard deleted Outlook emails in an efficient manner.

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Manually Retrieving Permanently Deleted Outlook Email Messages

Go through the following set of instructions that will help to recover shift deleted emails from Microsoft Outlook 2016 and all below editions. Let us have a look:

Method 1: Restore Erased Items from ‘Outlook Deleted Items’ Folder

To recover permanently deleted items from MS Outlook you have to follow below-mentioned steps:

First, you have to sign in to Outlook profile and then, open all the removed items folder. It might be empty whenever you have erased all messages from there as wells.

Now, click on folder option given in the menu bar and choose to recover deleted items
Microsoft can also retrieve permanently deleted emails from Microsoft Exchange server and provides a list of deleted emails with the specific date that you deleted.

Select those email messages that you want to restore by choosing the Recover button.
The retrieved email would be saved back to a deleted item folder in which you can move back to the specific inbox folder.

Remember: Microsoft is not capable to restore messages, contacts, calendars deleted a long time ago. You will only capable to restore recently deleted email messages, which totally depends on the account settings.

If you already have eliminated a folder accidentally, then you must have to retrieve that particular folder as you may not capable to restore only selected messages from that deleted folder.

Method 2:  Restore Shift + Delete Mails Using Hex Editor & ScanPST.exe

Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft. It can be used to identify issues in Outlook PST file and fix it. It can repair those errors that appear only in the personal storage table file (.pst). The ScanPST or Inbox Repair tool runs automatically to resolve the issue and the best part about Scanpst.exe is it is run repeatedly until it shows there is no further error in a PST data file. This tool will not display the progress bar but it will work in the background. It basically depends on the size of the PST file and once the whole process is finished you will get a message on completion of the recovery process.

Furthermore, the ScanPST.exe tool is used to resolve corruption issues from PST files. Also, most of the people can use ScanPST.exe tool to retrieve permanently deleted Outlook messages and emails. It will search every item flagged as deleted and can restore the proper connection after scanning. This application will check every items folder i.e., subfolder, file, Message and so on.

Note: Make sure that before utilizing the ScanPST.exe tool to recover permanently erased emails from Outlook account, you can use Hex Editor tool.

Steps to Restore Hard Deleted Email Messages

  • You should create all duplicate copies of PST items
  • Then, download and open Hex Editor
  • After that, open Outlook PST to recover data using Hex Editor
  • Now, choose the desired value which started from 07 to next 13 values. Click on Edit button, go to Selection options and press OK
  • This process will replace all value by 00
  • Next, save Outlook PST file after emptying a position, now you will get a corrupt .pst file.
  • Now, run the inbuilt utility i.e., ScanPST
  • Browse the preferred location and scan the required corrupted PST files
  • Afterward, you can Repair or restore .pst file
  • In the end, Open the .pst file and check whether all the deleted items.

Efficient Way to Recover Shift Deleted Emails in Outlook Account

If all above-stated approaches get failed then, one must opt for a reliable third party tool i.e., Outlook PST Data File Repair Application. It is designed in such a way to recover a corrupt PST file without any fear of data loss. Moreover, it is capable of restoring permanently deleted Outlook emails in an effective way. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that even a novice user can use it without having any extra knowledge. The application supports all PST (personal storage) files from Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 editions efficiently. It can work on all Windows OS editions.

Final Words

As everyone knows, retrieving lost or permanently deleted Outlook emails and other files in PST format is not an easy task. Thus, in this blog, we have explained different manual approaches to restore hard deleted email messages from MS Outlook. Also, we have suggested an automated solution i.e., Outlook PST file Repair utility to repair corrupted or damaged PST file without any difficulty.

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