Top Magento Tricks Will Pump Up Your Sales Almost Instantly

Magento is based on open source technology, which enables e merchants have a flexible shopping cart system and allow them to control the functions of the online store. It offers various tools marketing tools like SEO, catalogue management tools, etc. With so many exclusive features, it is easy to boost sales on Magento web page store.

Although Magento has good CMS, you need to know the marketing tools and strategies to improve the sales of your online store. One can improve the online sales without implementing digital marketing tools. It is the most effective way to promote products and services online. No matter, you are having a Magento e-commerce store or any other store you need to put some efforts to boost the sale or to find a new web customer.

If you are running an online store, you must understand the online customer behaviors, marketing trends, competition etc. to promote your products and services. At Magento store, you will get a plethora of features and functions. You should know how to use them to create a highly interactive Magento web store.

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Factors affecting buying behaviour of online customers

The online shopping is affected by the delivery time. As customer wants to know in how much time he/ she will get the delivery. If it is taking too long then the customer might not buy the product from your website. The second factor can be the complex shopping carts. Other factors can be safety and security of the online payment processing, offers, and discounts, user-friendly experience on the website, etc. There are many reasons that customers might not buy from your website. Once you understand these factors, it will be easy for you to boost sales.

How to boost the sales on Magento store

1. Speed of the website

The website should not be heavy with so many features and images that make the processing slow. The speed of the website determines the visibility of the online store. Even Google ranks your website on the basis of the loading speed of the website. The website is easily accessible and usable by the customer if its speed is very fast. It should not waste customer time in loading the web pages. It might negatively affect the search engine ranking due to low speed. Due to the poor shopping experience the user might abandon your website and buy from your competitor. Before launching the website, it is advised to check the loading speed of each web page. To increase the speed, you can use low size images, optimize the database and compress the JavaScript. To speed up the Magento platform you can install the extension like page speed extension.

2.Promoting the products on homepage

There are so many ways to promote the product on the homepage. The home page is going to be the first and last impression for the users. You can showcase offers and discounts on the selected products. Customize the home page as per the occasion. For example, if Christmas is approaching, then you can use the Christmas theme for your home page. The main point is to change the homepage frequently with new images and new offers. This way you can attract many new customers.

3.Single page checkout process

The next important thing is to simplify the checkout process. In the Magento store, you have the facility to customize the checkout page. Instead of having the multiple pages for checkout, reduce it to the single page. The procedure should not be time-consuming otherwise it will discourage the sales. To overcome this complex situation, you can use one step checkout extension to create a one-step procedure instead of six steps.

4.Multiple Payment options facility

Magento store facilitates multiple payment options. All the merchants should have safe and secure payment options. Now there are so many companies available who can provide multiple payment options at cheaper price. If you want to grow your business, then you should provide multiple payment options in multiple currencies. For this, you can tie up with PayTm, Cc Avenue etc.

5.Mobile friendly Magento store

The Nowadays trend has shifted from Online shopping to mobile shopping. There is a boom of mobile e-commerce. So, you need a mobile-friendly Magento store. All the Magento store is suitable for all types of mobile devices. By having the user-friendly mobile store, you can easily increase the conversion rates due to a large number of mobile users. It will definitely boost the sales. Google has the feature of testing the mobile-friendliness of your website. You can take the google test to check your website on mobile.

Magento is an outstanding e-commerce platform that creates the interactive online store to increase the revenue.

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