Smartphone App TalkTo: Text Message Any Business and Get a Response

Have you ever called a service professional, store or local restaurant and being put on hold for 5 to 10 minutes? Also, you could not left any message on an answering machine without any assurance that your voicemail will be checked. So, it might be very frustrating in order to communicate with general and local businesses through the phone.

TalkTo aims to fix this issue. It allows consumers to send text messages to any business and receive immediate answers to feedback, questions, and more.
It is a smartphone app that assists its consumers corresponds with local businesses through text messages in the TalkTo directory. It will give surety that the business sees and answers to each and every message. The users of TalkTo may give feedback about their service, ask questions of a business, or make appointments with them through the convenience and ease of normal text messaging.

What makes the platform appealing?

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A business doesn’t need to engage with this smartphone app in order to get the message. The company can appoint a call center that gets the text and will notify the business quickly of the request and will surely the consumer gets response to the question.

Obviously, the aim is to onboard all businesses onto this amazing platform so that businesses may take control over responding to peoples queries. Businesses may send the same messages to their cell phone number or email address.

For instance, if you would like to see how long the wait is at a hotel. You just search for the hotel via TalkTo’s Smartphone app, set a place, and send a message asking how much time to wait. If the hotel is online, it may get the text quickly and may quickly respond. If the business isn’t utilizing TalkTo’s app, a representative of call center may call the hotel, check out the wait time and text you quickly with the answer.

Another advantage for users is that they may see whether a business is online and using this smartphone app, ensuring that the business may responsed quickly. Thus, if you require an emergency plumber, you may easily see if the plumber may be able to contact you as soon as possible.

This app has the potential to disrupt the national and local business market in the same way that getting chat on the retail websites had disrupted communications in e-commerce. Today’s world, nobody wants to wait for the email, and phone. Text Messaging is a common way of communication.

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