The First Google Project Tango Phone by Lenovo

The beginning of a new year of 2016, Lenovo announced their development of the Project Tango and will be released by the summer of the same year. Google and Lenovo made the announcement at CES in Las Vegas, of the Lenovo smartphone built on the project Tango technology will hit the stores costing about $500. Project Tango is an important work which is an ongoing process using the Google technology. The Lenovo smartphones will have a sensor detecting cameras as one of its main feature in this new project. The project Tango device will have a Qualcomm processor, 3 cameras that is RGB, Fisheye and Depth. Although the size of the screen is not yet decided, Lenovo gave an approximate of 6-6.5 inches.
Google Project Tango Phone by Lenovo
Project Tango sees every image in a 3D format and gives a very good perspective to designing apps for developers. Together Google and Lenovo have launched an app incubator program, using which developers can build their own apps for the project Tango.

Google had launched Development Kits of project Tango earlier for developers to use this technology and to develop apps. In the year 2015 August, Intel presented their first project Tango phone with the help of Intel Real Sense technology. The phone is ready for pre-order on Intel website.

Project Tango is extremely useful to create 3D images than any normal photo that is required by many architectural and design people to place their items in different corners and view it from all directions. The device also has potential in scanning for locations and products.

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