5 Most Agile Project Management Applications

An agile management project has no project leader and the assigned work will be performed individually. Work is usually divided among team members. To perform all the tasks smoothly and in a precise manner, there are various software that can be used. Check out some of such project management software.

1. Axosoft

Axosoft is one of the leading software in agile project management applications and it is an online application. The application is useful in many ways with its tools such as the planning backlog items, versions, release, and sprints. Reports can be shown in velocity charts, capacity indicators, burn down charts etc.Axosoft

2. Jira

Jira is useful software that helps in planning and tracking. The software is used to assign work, capture, organize issues, tracking all the activities and people are easier with the help of this software. jira

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3. Clarizen

Clarizen is another management application that helps in maintaining your business projects. The software helps to track, prioritize change requests and resolve any issues. Clarizen

4. PlanBox

PlanBox is a private company based in Montreal, Canada. The software is a web-based application which helps in tracking the team and the work progress in the form of charts and other tools. It can also be accessible through mobile. planbox

5. TargetProcess

A highly visual interface, TargetProcess is web-based agile project management software which is widely used. Developers can use listings, boards, timelines, and other views to manage their project through a central interface. targetprocess

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