8 Data Recovery Tools for Linux Operating System

What is Data recovery?

If you are using Linux and you have to recover data because of any reasons, whether it may be logical damage or physical damage, you can use many tools for recovering data. In this post, I am explaining top 8 data recovery tools for Linux operating system.

1.    Stellar

StellarThis tool can easily recover deleted, formatted or lost data from your a Linux operating system. It is able to recover data from file system based Linux volumes which includes:

  • FAT12
  • FAT16
  • Ext4
  • FAT32
  • Ext3

This tool may recover all your hard volumes, directories and lost files. Plus, This data recovery software may recover data from all available hard drive types which includes:

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  • IDE
  • SCCI
  • EIDE
  • SATA

2.    System Rescue CD

System Rescue CDThis tool helps people to recover the entire relevant data after the system or PC crash. This software has many tools which capable of handling different tasks like disk formatting, file recovery and many more.


  • The capability to create a boot disk for OS
  • It can Support for password changing and Windows registry editing from Linux
  • Disk imaging, PartImage software that copies just utilized sectors
  • GParted  and GNU Parted  to re-size partitions and partition disks, including NTFS  and FAT32
  • PhotoRec to recover lost data
  • Web browsers: ELinks, Midori, Firefox
  • Two bootloaders: GRUB and SYSLINUX
  • TestDisk to recover lost partition
  • Archiving abilities
  • File system tools: file system move, resize, delete, create
  • Support for PowerPC systems and Intel x86

3.    R-Studio

R-StudioThis software allows users to have complete control over data recovery, due to flexible parameters and customizable settings

4.    Ddrescue

DdrescueIf your disk gets damaged or corrupted, then you should surely keep this data recovery tool in your hand. Here, Ddrescue will help you to recover documents and files from corrupted and damaged disks. While using Ddrescue, don’t worry about waiting for an error, reading the log, stopping the program and others as its main operation is completely automatic.

5.    Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue KitThis tool is designed for restoring and recovering the lost and damaged files. It is an easy to use tool. With Trinity Rescue Kit, you can easily do virus scanning, disk cleanup and password resets in your  Linux OS.

6.    Test Disk

Test DiskThis tool is designed for recovering data as well as other functions such as:

  • Recovering deleted partitions
  • Fixing partition tables
  • Rebuilding ntfs boot sector
  • Fixing fat

7.    Gparted Live

Gparted LiveIt is a small Linux distribution. It can run with an USB stick or bootable CD in order to recover data rescue from the  lost partitions, create partitions, damaged partitions, etc.


It allows you to handle your disk partitions:

Create partition tables, (e.g., gpt or msdos)

  • Attempt data rescue from lost partitions
  • Resize, label, copy, Create, check, set new UUID, move, and delete partitions
  • Disable and Enable partition, flags

It easily works with these storage devices:

  • All sector sizes
  • Flash memory devices
  • RAID Devices
  • Hard disk drives

8.    Knoppix

KnoppixIt is one of the best and the most used Linux distribution or recovery tools for fixing a broken system.

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