There are many applications for the iOS and Android platforms which provide you news updates around the globe. In today’s world, Yahoo News Digest and Circa News have emerged as top news apps. In this post, we will tell you the functionality and features of the Yahoo News Digest and Circa News apps.

Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News DigestYahoo News Digest gives an explained summary of all the need-to-know, important news. Digests are delivered twice a day (morning and evening). The entire top stories are presented with the main information that you want to remain on top of what’s happening in the world. The top stories are maximum  of two paragraphs long. They include:

  • Twitter feeds
  • Pull quotes
  • Photos Wikipedia entries
  • Videos

It makes your reading experience complete, easy, and comprehensive. The main aim of the Yahoo News Digest is to inform you on the headlines of the day in a visual and finite manner.

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Yahoo News Digest covers stories from relevant news categories such as

  • World
  • News
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Sports

People can check the summary, and also read “Atoms,” which convey aspects of the story from who, how, why, what, and when of the topic.

The Android version of this amazing app is built especially with a new home screen widget which shows the new unread digest for easy viewing. This app, widget keeps track of the digests that is already read.

Circa News

Circa NewsCirca News 3.0 for iOS and Android come with Wire feature. Within the home screen, this area gives you 2 relevant things – it offers the news stories briefed in 1 paragraph as well as updates on news stories that you can follow. Every news item is about 4 paragraphs long and provides you a summarized insight into the story. You may check the ‘Dynamic Daily Briefing’ of breaking stories. These stories include:

  • Relevant graphics
  • Pull quotes
  • Links to other related stories

With a quick look, you can easily know the updated news stories which you have already read. Moreover, you may keep up with a news story which you loved to read.


There are many news apps, but the Yahoo News Digest as well as Circa News remains famous with the users. These apps have amazing features. If you would like to know quickly the top stories of the entire day, then Yahoo News Digest is the ideal way for you. On the other hand, Circa News provides you summarized analysis of happenings.

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