Top 10 Reasons to Convert PDF to Word Online

PDF files are very popular because they are easier to transfer from one computer to another without altering the document text and layout. No matter what operating systems a document sender and a document receiver use, the content will look the same even if it’s viewed in different programs and devices. The only downside of PDF files is a difficulty to edit such files. That’s why PDF users need to use PDF to Word converters and other tools that deal with PDF conversion.

Using an online tool to convert PDF files to Word is a great way to save time and money. There are a lot of different online PDF to Word converters and you can use them for free in most cases or for a small fee. It’s up to you what tool you would choose, some of them have a limit on the file size, other don’t convert scanned files at all, but after some search and testing, you will find the tool that suits you best. You can even use multiple different tools since they are free.

In case you are having second thoughts about using online tools to convert business documents from PDF to Word, find out top ten reasons to make up your mind and try at least one PDF to Word converter online. You won’t regret it!

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1.No Installation Required

Unlike desktop programs where you need to give up some computer memory to install the program, online tools don’t require any installations. Not only will you save some space on your computer, but you will also have less chance to get a virus on your computer. Installing programs on a computer can be risky because you never know when a virus will attack.  Also, in situations when you are at work you may not be authorized to install anything without the approval from the system administrator. On the other hand, you don’t need the approval to use tools that are web-based.

2.Convert Files Anywhere

Online tools are accessible on every computer that has internet access so you can convert your PDF files remotely. You don’t need to wait to come back home or to the office to convert files. As long as you have access to that PDF file that you need to convert, you can convert it on every computer, at the internet cafe, at the hotel, wherever. By relying on online tools to edit PDF files you are actually independent because you will be able to edit your PDF files anywhere (even on the beach) and anytime.

3.Use your Mobile Phone Instead of a Computer

Since the tools that are web-based only need a browser and internet connection, you can convert your PDF files to Word on mobile devices as well, both tablets and mobile phones. If you don’t have that PDF on your phone you can ask your colleague to send you a file and there you go, you can upload a PDF online and let the tool do the rest. This is particularly convenient when you need to edit PDF documents in a timely manner and you are on the public transport, on a coffee break or simply far away from the office. Your boss, as well as your colleagues and clients, will appreciate your responsiveness.

4.Complete your Tasks Immediately

Given that you can use such PDF conversion tools wherever you are, you will be able to complete your tasks promptly. If you need to make changes to a PDF file urgently, rest assured that using online tools to convert PDF to Word would only speed up the whole process of document editing. Online tools promise quick conversions so in no time you will receive a Word version of your PDF document that is ready for editing. Even if you need to convert that edited Word document back to PDF, you can use the same kind of tools for that purpose.

5.Save Time- The Whole Process is Quicker

With all this easiness to access the conversion tool, not only can you finish your job quicker but you can also save some time. Usually, it takes more steps to use desktop programs for conversion whereas there are mostly two to three steps to convert PDF files online. Online tools are built with the goal to offer users efficiency and easiness to use. As a result, you save time to complete other tasks such as editing the converted document and improving its content.

6.No Need to Spend Money on Expensive Software

Whether you are on a tight budget or not, you may want to save some money. Online tools are usually free but even if they are not, they are a way cheaper than desktop programs. You will have money to spend on something else that you need more. If you don’t need PDF converters on a daily or weekly basis, why would you spend hundreds of dollars to purchase professional PDF conversion software? Online tools that are not free or that offer some additional features at a small price, usually have a subscription model of payment which means you can only pay one month when you need to convert PDFs.

7.Work directly with the cloud

Google Drive, Dropbox as well as many other cloud storage tools are used by many businesses. Cloud computing has become a necessity for everyday business. That’s why some online PDF to Word converters allow its users to upload PDF files that are stored on Google Drive or Dropbox. Again, wherever you are and wherever your file is placed, you can convert it to Word and make edits.

8.You can Convert even Scanned PDF Files

Scanned PDF files are those documents that were scanned with a scanner and became digital. Many online conversion tools have OCR technology that is required to convert scanned PDF files. That feature is very useful because many business documents are scanned and the only way to extract content from them is to convert them with OCR-supported applications. Again, you can take advantage of online tools and find one that has this great feature.

9.Document Privacy is Guaranteed

Business documents are always confidential, no matter whose information do they contain- clients’ or companies. Business people are sometimes afraid to use online tools to convert PDF documents to Word and other file formats, particularly because of this reason. Online tools work in a way you need to upload a PDF document and someone will convert it. The thing is, online tools don’t hire thousands of people to manually process and convert files for you. They use technology instead. That technology does all the job and no one even takes a look at the content of your file. Of course, to make sure privacy and document confidentiality are guaranteed, you can search for the privacy policy of one online converter before you start using it.

10.Very Straightforward, you don’t Need to be a Computer Savvy

PDF conversion software can be complex to use because software vendors always tend to offer as many features as they can to make the product more useful and attractive to buyers, which make all the process complicated for people who are not too skilled with computers. Online tools can be used by every single person, regardless the level of his/her computer knowledge. Usually, there are straightforward steps and if you know to read you will know to follow the steps and use the tool.

These are top ten reasons to try online PDF conversion tools and use them to convert your PDF documents to Word. Don’t hesitate to use them for at least one of these reasons, if not more. Whatever job you do, you will find yourself in a situation when you need to edit a PDF file.

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