5 Common Magento Mistakes Beginners Need to Avoid

Magento has gained the popularity and becomes the most famous platform in the eCommerce solutions throughout the world. The comfort that it gives you to customize your eCommerce website and the solutions regarding store management, feedback and improving sales has taken it to such great peak.

The biggest advantage of using it is the flexibility. In the competition of today’s world you just should not make any mistakes in Magento store. You need to be great at customer service and also at keeping up with the pace of the modern requirements. It is important to design your website by giving the priority to the customer rather than designing it according to your likes. Even after knowing all of these sometimes people make silly mistakes in the design of their websites. This article will help you identify and rectify the mistakes that normal people do.

Select the perfect theme

The silly mistake is that an eCommerce site owner does is that he keeps himself above the customers while selecting the theme of the site. There are many themes in the magneto store to choose from. You need to choose the theme that has the maximum compatibility with the customers. The second mistake that people do is to choose heavy themes that slow their pages to load. Some things that you need to look for are-

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  • Choose a theme that is simple but has a lot of customization options. You should be able to customize it in your own way.
  • Make sure that the loading speed does not get down from 20 microseconds, even after adding tens of products on the page.
  • Select a theme that offers the best compatibility for your customers and for your company.

Problem of Layered navigation

This navigation means that several options can be displayed on a single page. This allows the customers to choose their desired options from the given options. This option is a mistake because this slows the system, obscured images and also the navigation becomes overlapped. Ajax navigation will help you solve this problem. One more thing that you can do to solve this problem is to avoid search engine crawlers to crawl on your website. This type of design will majorly slow your page that will be a sudden turn off for your customers hence lowering down your sales.

Default settings

  • Default home page- the title of the home page is very important for your visibility at the search engine. The default name of the homepage is ‘home page’ but this is not a good idea to use it. You need to use primary keyword followed by the secondary keyword for the title. For example – you have a computer store named excellence then you can give the title of  ‘excellence computers’.
  • Default descriptions- you need to keep in mind that as customers we view the product descriptions the most. Lack of description will bring you down in SERPs. Some sites make a huge mistake of including manufacturer’s descriptions. This is not only makes the descriptions sales oriented but also brings duplicate content to your website. Bringing duplicate content simply means that it will bring you down in the search engine ranking. The best way of including content to your site is to get written by a professional writer for unique content.

Unresponsive site

This is more of a fact now that many folks accessing Internet from mobiles are more than those accessing it through desktop. A responsive site is one which can adjust itself to all the screen sizes and also to accommodate all type of clients. You also should include keywords to the title and the descriptions to increase your visibility on the net. Using the keyword is an art and using it will help you unlock skyrocketing sales.

Shared server and resources

Without any customization, magento powered stores have the property of shared resources and shared servers. This makes them vulnerable to slow speed and also to the attack of hackers. Both of the factors will affect your reputation. You can get out of this problem by customizing your store by using MySQL or PHP5.

If you are a new entrepreneur and have taken the way of Internet to sell your product then it is of apex importance to you that sales go higher and higher. For bringing your business up you do not need to be an expert in website designing, you just need to make few minor changes and follow the tips of the article and you will definitely make it big at ecommerce. The best way to go about it is thinking from the visitors’ point of view and using online tools to do so. Online tools are cheap and also convenient to use.

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Maggie Sawyer is a creative magento developer at MarkupHQ Ltd., a leading psd to magento services company with vast experience in magento development & design. She provides magento theme conversion services with 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

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