Traipsing Off the Internet – Offline IM now possible through Hike

In a singularly stunning move which is sure to lay the foundation for greater things in future, Instant Messaging platform Hike availed Hike Direct to its users: now allowing them to connect instantly without internet connectivity. The unprecedented event was accompanied by the announcement that this popular platform is now 70 million strong.

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Hike Direct has all the makings of an instant hit, especially seeing as it is set against the backdrop of a country where more than 70% of the population is yet to arrive to the Web. It will allow the users to share files, photos, messages, and more of up to 70 MB (we’re seeing a theme here). The service works without Wi-Fi or mobile data networks, said Kavin Mittal, founder and CEO of Hike.

Before we could go around claiming it to be a digital miracle, Mittal reminds us that the feature “although offline, won’t work outside a 100-metre radius.” That’s because it uses the same technology as Wi-Fi direct, available in most smart phones and already en vogue from apps like Shareit.

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Mittal also told us how IM platform grew at a startling 100% pace each year. “We are currently processing 20 billion messages monthly,” he says. He also told us that people are spending a minimum 140 minutes/week on Hike.

Hike Direct is second in what looks to be a series of announcements. The platform had recently released a group calling feature capable of connecting up to 100 people at once.

The app is currently working on adding free stickers in local languages, increasing data transfer to a 100 MB and gearing up for 4G in India where more than 35 million people use it.

The app competes with WhatsApp and Viber. Hike had also scored a cool $65 million in funding last year from a band of investors, chiefly led by Tiger Global Management.

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