Sleek Bill Online: Best Billing Software Alternative

Most business owners have to deal with a multitude of tasks and responsibilities that sometimes get overwhelming. One of the keys to being in control of your business is having a reliable billing software.

While there are many billing apps out there, many of them are crowded with lots of features that nobody uses and clog up the interface. While these apps are supposed to make your life easier and help you better administer your billing, they end up causing frustration and wasting your time.

So what if you’re looking for an easy alternative to Freshbooks or Quickbooks?

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What’s the best solution for your billing?

Enter Sleek Bill Online, an invoicing software that is designed for small businesses, freelancers and accountants who are fed up with complicated software that does not deliver on what it promises.Sleek Bill is an online invoicing software that helps keep all your financial data in one secure place and streamlines the process of billing for you. With a very easy to use interface it allows you to quickly create an invoice or quote within minutes of signing up.

Some key aspects of Sleek Bill Online that we loved

Accessibility: Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can access your Sleek Bill account from any device with an internet connection, even with the slower ones. We found it works best when used on PC/Mac or tablet, while the phone view is a bit more difficult to navigate, but still manageable. If you’re working with other people in your team who might be on the field making sales, worry not, you can both be logged on at the same time and get real time updates on your current state of affairs.

We should also add that any data that goes through Sleek Bill is safely kept and transmitted via its secure servers. One aspect that really impacts a business is its ability to keep finance data safe, so Sleek Bill got extra points from us for that.

Full on Billing: Whether a client asked you for a quote/proforma or they need a delivery note, Sleek Bill can do them all. Creating these documents is pretty fast too, with its simple and intuitive design. So, you can make an invoice but you need to add a client and products, right? No worries, you can import all your data such as products/clients lists and have them available for easy access every time from now on.

We thought this was very handy when we wanted to see which of our clients has invoices due or if we’re running low on any stock. You can even check out how your sales are doing, who paid on time and who still owes you money with advanced reports straight from Sleek Bill’s interface.

Get Paid Faster: Yes, this sounds like a cliche but truth be told, there are many things that you can do to get your money on time. One of them is making sure your emails end up in your client’s inbox and not in their Spam folder. With Sleek Bill you can send an email with a click of a button and add your invoice either as a PDF or as a secure link that will pass any spam filters out there.

GST Billing Software: If you’re an Indian SMB, then the pending loom of the GST update might be of concern to you and your accountant. If you go with Sleek Bill Online, most of your GST tasks and reports will be handled straight from the app.

We also found out that the hard working team at Sleek Bill will soon be adding automated notifications sent straight to your client when their invoice is due. Along with SMS notifications, this will save time and get you paid faster.

Ok, so we’re totally sold on this app’s capabilities, but let’s make a quick overview of what you’re getting with Sleek Bill Online:

  • Create and send professional invoices in multiple templates
  • Quotes, proformas, delivery notes made in just a few clicks
  • International tax system support
  • Product database and inventory tracking
  • Customer management
  • Powerful reporting for your finances
  • Online access for the whole team, anytime, anywhere.
  • Free 14 day trial

If you’re a small business, freelancer or professional accountant that wants an easy way to do their billing, or is looking for an alternative to Quickbooks or Freshbooks, don’t hesitate and give Sleek Bill Online a go, you won’t be disappointed.

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