7 Tips to Market Your Law Firm and Get More Clients

People perceive lawyers to be intelligent, knowledgeable and skilled professionals, and when they look for an attorney, they want a specialist who is considerate, affordable and reliable. Here are seven tips that will help you establish your business as a sought-after local law firm that people trust and recommend.

  • Reach out to potential clients where they spend most of their time—on social media. Get active on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Use social media to showcase your skills, expertise and achievements, and always post content that’s intelligent, relevant, informative and engaging.
  • Get local listings. Get a listing in online business directories, even the ones you don’t particularly like. Also get listed in local, regional and national industry directories that list law firms and lawyers—some even offer peer reviews and ratings on attorneys.
  • Recognize the power of great content. Grab the attention of your potential clients by publishing blog posts that place you as a thought leader in your field of work. Integrate a blog into your website or publish on platforms such as Medium or LinkedIn.

For instance, if you specialize in personal injury lawsuits, write authentic and informative blog posts (once a fortnight if not more) to help your readers decode the complexities of personal injury claims. This is a great way to show that you understand the challenges faced by accident/assault victims and thereby win their trust.

  • Market a niche service. Focus your marketing efforts on letting people know that you specialize in a particular type of law and are exceptional at it. Update the content of your website to indicate your specialty and add client testimonials and case studies to further support your expertise in a specific branch of law.
  • Invest in a good link building service. Building links refers to creating of network of links across the web that link back to your site. Link-building specialists achieve this by publishing guest posts on your behalf on leading websites in your industry niche. Quality backlinks help law firms gain local visibility and build credibility and trust in the business.
  • Give professional digital marketing a chance. While things are changing, many small business law firms still shy away from exploring the full gamut of digital marketing tools available today. You can take your business only a certain distance with word-of-mouth publicity and client referrals.

So find a reputable full-service digital agency such as https://www.submitcore.com, which specializes in SEO and internet marketing for law firms, in particular local small businesses looking for effective yet affordable online marketing.

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  • Help and support your local community. Not all your marketing efforts need to be online. To create a feeling of trust and reliability for your personal brand, offer free resources to the local community, such as events on familiarizing the community with damage claims in the aftermath of a hurricane or storm. Offer free e-books on your website and other online platforms. Give people information they will find useful and they’ll be motivated to spread the good word.

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