Automation 360: Reaching New Heights of Email Automation

Have you ever used an email marketing tool to expand your customer’s reach and generate higher leads for your business? In today’s cut-throat business world, it becomes extremely imperative for every entrepreneur to convey their message related to the products and services to the targeted audience in a precise manner. That is one of the key reasons why new-age businessmen are leveraging email automation.

What is Email Automation?

While newsletters and one-off campaigns allow you to create and send emails to a complete list of subscribers in one go, an email automation campaign automatically sends the message to a particular individual when he/she meets a certain trigger.

In simple terms, Email Automation helps you build customer relationships by merging the power of customer data, customized content, and software. It enables you to stay connected with your clients and customers without involving yourself all the time. All you need to do is to set up the email automation tool and enjoy new-age of email marketing campaigns.

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Benefits of Email Automation

1. Engages Customers

Nothing can be better than sending personalized emails to your targeted customers. This not only engages customers but also allows them to buy your products or services. So, set your email marketing automation and send messages triggered by the actions of your real-time visitors and customers.

2. Your Email’s Subject Line is enough to Convince People

Everyone sees and checks their email on a regular basis and even if a web user doesn’t open your email, he/she can read your subject line that is enough to convince them.

If a customer knows your name and your subject line is crisp and engaging, your targeted goal will be achieved easily.

3. Simplifies Segmentation

Boost your click-through rate by segmenting your emails. And the best part is that email automation allows you to send targeted emails to different types of customers so that every individual gets personalized content that is enough to engage them.

4. Inexpensive Solution

It is good to invest in automated email instead of conventional marketing channels that do even guarantee success. It can save both your time and money while letting you achieve targeted business goals with ease.

So if you are planning to integrate email automation into your business, then look no further than SendPulse.

SendPulse is a great email marketing tool that lets you send event-based emails, push notifications and SMS to increase the customer’s reach across the globe. SendPulse is a well-integrated, robust and highly-intuitive platform that offers bulk SMS, bulk emails and web push notifications that can help you strategize your email marketing goals and increase your customer base just by integrating an email automation tool known as Automation 360.

How Automation 360 Works?

1. Add an Event

All you need to do is to add an event that you want to track in SendPulse. The tool will generate an automated URL fetching the expected data and wait for the incoming events.

2. Create an AutoResponder

Add emails, Web Push messages and SMS messages that comprises of variables from the new event you created in the first step.

3. Event is Triggered

When a visitor clicks or performs an action on your site, the data is sent directly to the SendPulse to create and send a personalized message to that visitor.

4. Sends an Automated Email

Once the event is triggered and autoresponder starts, your customer will receive an email.

5. Track your Conversions

Automation 360 allows you to keep a track on your conversion rates or any other events.

Why to Use Automation 360?

1. Sends Personalized Emails

The tool allows you to send personalized messages based on conditions, variables, and events.

2. Multi-Channel Options

It gives you the flexibility to send out SMS and web push notifications along with emails.

3. Track your Conversions

Keep a constant track on your conversions and web customers who achieved them.

4. Full-accessibility to Automation Flow

Here is an opportunity to access a detailed visualization of all statistical data of the automation flow.

So, what are you waiting for? This is the right time to grow your business and improve your sales via email marketing automation. Integrate Automation 360 and enhance your customer base across the globe.

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