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Weekends or vacations are the ideal time to take up journeys to explore the unknown or revisit the places you have already been to. Traveling for some can be the ideal way to workplace or a hill station, the journey can be as enjoyable and hassle free as the joy of reaching your destination. Unwind rejuvenate and approach their lives with a fresh outlook. Whether traveling to your However, the fact remains that traveling has its own set of issues regarding planning, stress, fatigue and boredom. From forgetting your luggage at home, to misplacing it during the journey or not carrying the necessary travel gear to any other issue that might crop up certainly adds to the misery. Careful planning and right travel gadgets can make your journey enjoyable and memorable. It takes the stress as well as boredom away from you and fills your journey with elements of fun and enjoyment.  And it’s because of this that traveling has been a passion for some year after year. For all the backpackers, travelers and the people who love to explore this beautiful world, we bring to you some of the best and trusted travel gadgets which meticulously use technology to ensure your traveling is always memorable. These gadgets and their utility will make you love your passion of traveling even more.

Let’s find out a few of such travel tech gadgets available for making our traveling fun.

The MeFoto Road Trip Travel Tripod

The MeFoto Road Trip Travel TripodEven the best of camera that you take along, is useless if the pictures are missing the focus or get blurred due to sudden shake in the camera while taking a snap. At times one might get a feeling that for taking a good picture you need not only a good camera, but also a good tripod to support it.  The MeFoto Road trip Travel Tripod comes handy in such cases. Whether it’s a compact and convenient compact camera or your latest DSLR with heavy zoom lens-the MeFoto Road Trip Travel Tripod supports all to take a perfect snap. It’s light, easy to carry and is only slightly longer than the foldable umbrella. It will fit in your backpack easily and you can carry it anywhere.

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Google TranslateGoogle Translate

It’s actually not a gadget, but an application which will always be your must have companion on every journey that you undertake. It translates the language for you and won’t leave you with the frequent ‘clue less’ expressions on your face due to a foreign language which you don’t understand. Google Translate lets you choose two languages and the rest will be done by the microphone symbol on your device. It lets you choose two languages and by tapping the microphone symbol you get real time and near accurate translation.

Sony Wireless Earbuds

Sony Wireless EarbudsAny gadgets that are wireless will always tops the list of travelers. A gadget without wires means a gadget without hassle and without worry. Sony’s Wireless Earbuds makes you relish your favorite music while traveling anytime, anywhere. The noise cancellation feature of this gadget seems icing on the cake.

Aukey’s Portable External Battery Charger

Aukey’s Portable External Battery ChargerThis slim and sleek gadget is high capacity power bank with 20,000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery to charge your phones, tablets and other similar devices. The Aukey’s Portable External Battery Charger has inbuilt flashlight as well making it multipurpose.

Mobi EyeFi SD card

Mobi EyeFi SD cardEvery typical travel is characterized by endless pictures taking with your camera or your mobile phone. Transferring your clicked photographs can be time consuming and undesired too. The Mobi EyeFi SD card and the inbuilt application let you transfer your pictures from your camera to your device. It does not matter whether is iOS, Android or Kindle device, because it supports all. It’s your regular SD card with the additional wifi feature.

Trakdot’s Luggage Tracker

Trakdot’s Luggage TrackerThis is one of problem that every traveler might have faced at one time or the other – losing your luggage or misplacing it. This one loss takes away all the fun and pleasure associated with traveling. You might be in the city that you always wanted to visit, but your mind is still thinking about the luggage that you lost on the way. But this gadget called Trakdot’s Luggage Tracker makes you track your luggage anywhere in the world. So you might lose your luggage, but it will only be a matter of time before you are able to relocate it. Once relocated its easy to  get reunited with your luggage.

So what else an avid traveler needs in his life, traveling along with gadgets that make traveling enjoyable like never before. Then there are waterproof phone cases from Overboard and plug adapter’s from Ceptic making your travel hassle free even further. Gadgets supplement, the traveler compliments – travel and leave your worries behind.

Happy traveling with you.

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