Timogix: The Best Simple Time Tracking Tool

Time tracking and resource management are two important driving factors that are important for the success of any project. The manual way of time tracking is a subject matter of human errors.

Every business owner spends a lot of time and money tracking the working time of employees, leaves, breaks, project deadlines, etc. However, they face the problem of unjustified loss of their businesses in terms of money.

In order to avoid the risk of any human error and manage time flawlessly, entrepreneurs can use an excellent time tracking software – Timogix

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Basic Introduction

Timogix is a convenient and versatile time management tool that allows you to track the time of your employees, monitor their productivity and handle issues related to accounting easily and quickly. It is cloud based so it can run easily on multiple platforms, such as PC, laptop, different mobile devices, and Mac. This tool is trusted by a number of companies and can be used to track almost all things- time, billing, payroll, etc, from one place. One of the top item customers love most is the simplicity of the system. Many time entry systems take many hours to learn. Using Timogix you can be entering time in minutes.

Cost: Free and Premium 

Free up to first 3 users &

Business plan- $3 per user per month.

Key Features:

1. Easy To Sign-Up & Use

To use this time tracking tool, you can sign-up using this link. Just provide the company Name, URL, First Name, and Email Id for registration. And once your account is created you can use your own custom url for your login.

2. Online Timesheets

Timogix is cloud-based software. It is responsive to all devices. So, you can easily use it on all devices and can perform all required tasks related to time management. This will help you to increase the overall productivity of you and your employees you supervise.

3. Email Notifications

The best thing about this time management tool is that it gives you email notifications about each and every action and informs you when somebody submits the time. This helps you to track the performance of employees easily.

4. DCAA Compliance

If you require DCAA compliance you will be happy to know that many of the features of Timogix will help you with meeting these requirements. All actions of your users are audited and all time can be approved which is just a few of the abilities to help you meet DCAA Compliance. For more info on how Timogix helps with this requirement click here.

5. Expense Tracking

Track expenses along with your time. You can setup multiple expense categories with pre-defined amounts. The ability to upload multiple receipts is also handy.

Final verdict:

Timogix is an ideal time management software. It allows business owners to perform all duties related to time management in an easy way.

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