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Facebook Removed its Paper News Reading App from App Store

Recently, Facebook has removed its Paper news reading app from App store and will discontinue the support for existing downloads on July 29th.Two years ago, Facebook introduced a Flipboard-style news reading application “Paper” for its iOS users. Even though the app received good remarks from critics, it failed to impress a large audience across the

5 Fabulous Android Apps to Boost Your Business Productivity

The new-age technologies such as internet-enabled mobile phones, tablets, iPhone, and web- based mobile applications have brought a revolutionary change in the business sector. Over the past few decades, different scale and niche of business organizations are making the use of high-end gadgets to improve their productivity and revenues. Whether you are running a small

WhatsApp Advantage: New Desktop Version

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging app, which allows you to exchange text without having to pay for SMS. It is available for Nokia, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and iPhone. Facebook-owned WhatsApp has come with a desktop version of this app. It will work with Mac OS 10.9 and up version and 

Top 10 Rated Online Billing & Invoicing Software is a truly hassle-free invoicing and accounting platform for entrepreneurs who don’t want to get a degree in accounting just to run their business. Billy’s easy user interface lets users complete your tasks in fewer clicks than any other invoicing platform so you can focus on what matters, your customers. Billy also offers

The List of Top 5 Bug Tracking Tools

A bug tracking system is a kind of software application which helps to keep track of the reported software bugs in the entire software development tasks.  It is a type of a computer program which is utilized by the application support professional team in order to keep track of the several problems that the developers

Why Do You Need a Right Workflow Automation Solution?

Today, most of the business organizations are making the use of advanced tools and technologies to reduce the inefficiencies, optimize resources and ultimately boost the revenue.  In fact, the executives of IT industries are using such technologies with an objective to deliver the quality products and services to the customers, without any compromise in quality.

Google Translate Now Offers Translate App

Google has launched a new feature to its Translate app which is known as ‘Tap to Translate’. This amazing feature enables people to translate highlighting text without the need to switch between applications. It is integrated within the Android clipboard, thus people just have to copy the text and an option to translate the same.

Sage 100 Contractor: A Complete Accounting Software

In this competitive business environment, both the small, as well as, large-scale organizations are making the use of cutting-edge technologies that can help them run a successful business. Instead of using old-school accounting methods, which include manual ledgers, spreadsheets, and manual invoices, business owners, are stepping towards the innovative and robust online accounting software to